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Do I need to seal render before painting

Do I need to seal render before painting?

Should you seal render prior to painting?

If you are painting an older render or porous render before painting, we recommend sealing & priming with Floorseal Stabilising Solution.

This guide explains how to prime a rendered wall prior to painting with a suitable exterior paint.

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How to prime and seal rendered walls before painting

How to prime and seal rendered walls before painting

Sealing & priming a render with a primer before painting is quite straightforward. Prior to applying any primer, we recommend the application of a fungicide.
Floorseal Green Remover Concentrate is a suitable fungicide, which is easy to apply. You should also remove any obviously loose and flaking material before applying a primer or paint.

Floorseal Green Remover Concentrate should be diluted at a ratio of 1:5. One part concentrate to 5 parts water. Spray over the surface and allow to dry before priming. Ideally, wait 24 hours between the application of Green Remover Concentrate & priming. Ensure there are no signs of damp present before the primer is applied. In warm conditions, it is possible to apply the fungicide and prime the render on the same day.

Apply Floorseal Stabilising Solution with a short pile masonry roller. A brush can also be used to apply the primer. For very porous renders, a low pressure pump-up sprayer could also be used.

Floorseal Stabilising Solution will adhere to any porous render, improving the adhesion of paints. This includes K-Rend, general monocouche renders, sand & cement render, rough cast render and pebble dash.

Please note: Monocouche renders, in theory, do not require painting. But occasionally are painted as they age due to deep staining which cannot be removed.

Floorseal Stabilising Solution will adhere to any porous render, improving the adhesion of paints

In conclusion

Floorseal Stabilising Solution is to be applied in a single coat to rendered walls to seal/prime before painting.

Treat renders with Green Remover Concentrate prior to priming. The surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of loose materials before priming.

The surface should be totally dry before priming and prior to painting. Priming and painting is definitely a fair-weather job!

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Further Information

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