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How to apply a water based concrete sealer

How to apply a water based concrete sealer

How to apply a water-based concrete sealer

This article explains how to apply a water-based concrete sealer like Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer. You can find all our products for sealing and cleaning concrete on our concrete surface type page.

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer is used to seal concrete floors, walls, porous screeds, and other concrete structures.

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer can be applied to concretes within 28 days of pouring & drying. This water-based concrete sealer should be applied in 2 consecutive coats with only 1 hour of drying time required between coats. The sealer will accept light foot traffic within one hour of each coat. In warm conditions, you may be able to reapply the 2nd coat of sealer within 30 minutes of the 1st.

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer is a water-based sealer free from solvents & VOCs, so low odour and rapid drying. It will penetrate the concrete, partially drying on the surface, which seals & dust proofs the concrete.

What sort of concrete can I seal Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer with?

This sealer will seal almost any kind of concrete including anhydrite screeds. The concrete can be new or old with varying levels of porosity. The majority of concrete is porous so you will be able to seal the surface with Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer.

We do not recommend using this sealer on highly polished concrete i.e a concrete with a mirror-like finish. Fully polished concrete will have been polished up to 3000 grit and is highly reflective – Like a polished granite or marble which are highly reflective.

Concretes which have been diamond ground and honed to a matt or satin finish (a finish with a sheen) are suitable to seal with Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer.

concrete sealers can be applied to floors and exposed concrete walls

How does Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer dust proof & seal the concrete?

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer is a water-based white coloured liquid, it should be applied to the surface with a roller, paint pad or brush. This product can also be applied using a microfibre flat mop or cloth.

Once the first coat has been applied and dried the 2nd coat will bond to the first and seal the surface. You will require more product during the 1st application than the 2nd.

If required it is possible to apply more than 2 coats, they should also be applied in even thin coats. Avoid any pooling and puddling by using a roller, brush, paint pad or microfibre cloth over these areas.

The sealer sinks into the concrete during the 1st application, similar to using a primer. The following coat(s) bond to this primary coat sealing the surface, thus preventing dust shedding from the surface.

Once sealed the floor resists water and oil-based staining and will not shed dust.

How do I apply Floorseal Concrete Floorseal Sealer?

There are full instructions located within the Technical Data Sheet associated with the product. This information can be downloaded from the main product page.

As a guide:-

  • Only apply to fully dry and cured concretes.
  • Test in an inconspicuous place, if not suitable do not continue to use.
  • Remove any previous sealers or contaminations of oils etc.
  • Apply the sealer in 2 thin coats approximately 1 hour apart.
  • Apply with a roller, paint pad, brush, microfibre mop, or microfibre cloth.
  • Avoid product pooling or puddling by applying in thin coats.
  • Do not use in wet rooms.

Whichever method of application you choose to use, thin and even coats will produce the best finish. Once the first coat has been applied the 2nd coat is easier to apply as it easily bonds to the 1st. You will notice you require less product during the 2nd or any subsequent coat.

How to apply a water based concrete sealer

What kind of finish does this concrete sealer produce?

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer produces a very low sheen almost matt finish. If the concrete is highly porous you will require more product to build to a sheen. On very hard dense concretes you may achieve more of a sheen as the product sits on the surface more easily. To increase sheen simply apply more coats but 2 coats are enough to seal and dustproof.

We recommend testing any sealer before use, this ensures you are happy with the finish. Different types of concrete have differing levels of porosity which will affect the overall finish. Samples of our sealers can be purchased from the specific product page (highlighted in blue within this article).

How often should I apply a Concrete Sealer?

Sealers typically last 4 to 5 years but can be stripped and reapplied. They can also, with care, be cleaned and re-coated without stripping. This process should be carried out before the surface becomes too badly worn.

Should I etch the surface of concrete before using a water-based concrete sealer?

Generally, you do not need to etch concrete before sealing with Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer. Unless the concrete has previously been sealed with an impregnating sealer. Or if the floor is heavily ingrained with dirt, oil, or other contaminants. You can etch concrete with Floorseal Concrete Cement & Grout Haze Remover with care.

Etching means slightly roughening the surface which makes it more porous. However, most concrete (particularly older concretes) are porous enough to seal without etching. Contact us if you think you need to etch the surface.

Removing previously applied sealers is important. This means stripping the sealer or breaking it down to remove surface tension. Please contact us if you need to remove an old sealer.

Coverage Rates

Concrete Floor Sealer will cover approximately 10m2 per coat. Coverage rates vary depending on the porosity of the concrete. Please note that you do not require as much product to seal with 2nd or further coats.

As a rough guide, 5 litres of the product will cover approximately 20m2 to 25m2 of surface area. This takes into account the application of 2 consecutive coats on concrete with an average level of porosity.

How to apply a water based concrete sealer

In conclusion

Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer is suitable for use on most interior concrete surfaces, including flooring and vertical surfaces. This product is low odour, rapid drying and does not contain solvents or VOCs. It is probably the best and easiest way of sealing an interior concrete floor.

If you are sealing a fully wet area i.e a wet room, we do not recommend sealing with a dust proofing sealer. We recommend using an impregnator like Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer. This kind of sealer will seal the surface but is more suited to fully wet areas.

Further information


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 The information included in this article is not exhaustive. If you need further information please contact Floorseal on (01484) 861461 or email us our web address is