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How to remove rust marks from your patio

How to remove rust marks from your patio

How to remove rust marks from your patio

If you wish to remove rust stains from your patio, we recommend Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone. It is perfect for removing rust marks from sandstone, porcelain, block pavers, slate, concrete, limestone, & clay-based materials such as brick and terracotta.

The safest & easiest way to remove rust from your patio is Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone.

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How to remove rust marks from your patio and paving

How do I remove rust from natural stone?

The best way to remove rust staining from natural stone is with our specialist rust removal cleaner, Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone.

Apply the product to the stain when the surface is dry. Keep the product wet on the surface (possibly adding more product) whilst it reacts with the rust mark. Do not dilute the product with water. Do not allow Rust Remover for Stone to dry out during the removal process.

Rust Remover for Stone will turn purple as it encounters a ferrous material. The product should be gently agitated with a soft brush and rinsed away with plenty of water after a few minutes – Repeat as required.

*This product can also remove the natural rusting that appears on certain sandstones.

Can I use Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone on other surfaces like porcelain?

This effective rust stain remover is certainly suitable for use on porcelains, concrete, render, block paving and clay-based materials such as brick, terracotta, quarry tiles and Victorian geometric tiles.

If you have a rust stain on your patio or interior floor, this product is an ideal choice for tackling rust and ferrous staining. This product will also remove other contaminants that produce ferrous staining such as fertilisers for grass lawns.

Removing rust staining caused by fertilisers from natural stone and porcelain patios can be achieved with Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone

Removing rust on porcelain patio tiles

Rust Remover for Stone is ideally suited to removing rust spotting from modern porcelain patio tiles. Rust spots will typically have been left by metal furniture, metal buckets & plant pots.

But natural rusting can have been caused by fertilisers and iron-rich mud & soil. Rust Remover for Stone is ideal for general rust removal from porcelain patios.

What kind of rust or ferrous staining will this product remove?

Rust Remover for Stone is a versatile cleaning solution it will remove various types of staining such as –

  1. Lawn fertiliser staining, which you may have walked onto your patio after treating your lawn.
  2. Brown staining which has been left by watering pot plants on your patio. Particularly soils that contain fertiliser, composts or ferrous materials that do not respond to pressure washing.
  3. Leaf stains i.e. certain tannin stains from leaf drop.
  4. Water staining on rendered walls left by leaking or overflowing guttering.
  5. Natural rusting from sandstone lintels bleeding into render or masonry.
  6. Rust marks left by furniture or metal brackets fitted to walls, floors, or chimney stacks.
  7. Rust spotting left by the use of angle grinders near patios and pavers.

Rust marks on render or masonry can be troublesome and very unattractive


Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone is used for the removal of rust staining from natural stone such as sandstone, slate, limestone, marble, travertine, and terrazzo. This solution is also suitable for use on porcelain, render, concrete, quarry tiles, terracotta, bricks, block pavers & more.

This product is suitable for use on external or internal surfaces, patios, driveways, pavers, walls, roofs, tiles, and renders. Always test before use!

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