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How to seal a sandstone patio

How to seal a sandstone patio

If you wish to seal a sandstone patio, we believe the best product to do this is Floorseal Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier.

Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is suitable for sealing any form of sandstone including Indian sandstone & York sandstone.

Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is a water-based breathable sealer. In addition, it contains a secondary element, which slightly highlights natural veining and colour variation. This sandstone sealer creates a natural matt finish with increased colour.

This sandstone sealer produces a subtle natural finish on any sandstone paver. If there is colour and some interest noticeable within the stone, this product will highlight its appearance.

Sandstone patio sealing before and after.

How does this type of sandstone sealer work?

This sandstone patio sealer is primarily an impregnating sealer. As the name suggests the sealer soaks into the stone and becomes meshed into the surface. In other words, the product waterproofs by being ‘in’ the stone not ‘on’ the stone.

Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is also a colour enhancing product. It is the enhancing element of the solution which will also slightly darken the stone.

You could say it is little like dampening the stone but without an associated shine. Another analogy might be to say its like oiling wood; It is a process that increases colour but retains the natural appearance of the material it is applied to.

The sandstone will always retain a natural matt finish. Its purpose is to seal, retain breathability and increase the natural colour already contained within the stone.

Apply sandstone patio sealer.

The benefits of using breathable sealers

The benefit of an impregnator, or an impregnator which also contains a colour enhancer is that it never needs stripping. Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier can be reapplied without stripping. All that is required is a basic clean, then reapply the sealer as normal.

You can also apply the sealer just after a new patio is laid. Any vapour being released from the base materials can escape through the stone. Vapour transmission often occurrs over the first 6 weeks, perhaps up to a year after laying, depending on weather conditions.

This Indian stone sealer is resistant to water and oil penetration. It will also inhibit organic growth like black spot lichen, algae and moss.

The product is easy to apply, rapid drying and low odour. It is suitable for use for both DIYers and contractors.


Carry out a small test patch to assess how the colour of the stone will be effected.

Do not to apply when the air and stone temperature below around 10°C or above 20°C. Remember sandstone, like most natural stone, is a good conductor of heat. The stone will warm through the day and retain heat into the evening. It is probably the coolest first thing in the morning, you can adapt when to carry out any sealing work to suit local conditions.

Do not apply to damp stone and make sure the surface is clean before applying.

Spray, roller or brush onto the surface and allow to soak in. Use microfiber cloths to remove any excess. The excess may pool in the low spots on the surface of the stone or in the joints.

Use microfiber cloths to remove any excess sealer.

You must remove any excess before it comes tacky, typically after around 10-15 minutes. Please adjust the time allowed for excess removal based on air and surface temperatures. Your test patch could be used to assess this timing.

A single application is sufficient for most sandstones. If you wish to apply the sealer again (for very porous sandstone) please do so approximately 40 minutes after the first application. Apply the sealer more sparingly, the first application will already be taking effect. The stone will not except the same volume of sealer during this second application. Again, remove all excess sealer with microfiber cloths.

This product will cure in 24 hours, but it will accept light foot traffic as soon as its dry.

If you are sealing a sandstone patio which has been pointed with a jointing compound, or will be pointing with this product, ensure any residues are removed. There are various types of ‘sweep in’ style compounds many are resinous. With care they do not mark the stone and some residues naturally weather off.

Ensure all residues are removed we recommend pre cleaning with Floorseal Sealer Residue Remover, particularly if you have used a brush in compound. It is a modern eco friendly non acidic cleaner for the removal of dirt, grime & light cement/grout hazes. It will also remove light contaminations of ‘brush in’ style compounds. Brush in compounds can leave an invisible resinous slick around the joints.

If you have pointed your patio with a traditional sand and cement mortar pre-clean with Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover. It will remove general cement staining from traditional mortars. Always work from weaker dilute solutions to stronger solutions. Test the solution first before proceeding to apply across the full area. You may be able to use a relatively weak solution to ensure the product goes further.

If you are planning to clean then seal an existing, possibly older patio, please pre clean with Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus. This product will remove organic contaminations, this includes black spot lichens which are impossible to remove by jet washing alone. This product is highly effective and can be followed up with Patio Black Spot Preventer Plus. This will prevent lichen spores from germinating in the future.

Floorseal Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is the most popular product for sealing sandstone. There are several factors which contribute to this popularity; Such as it being water based, eco friendly, low odour and very easy to apply. This sandstone sealer produces a natural but enhanced matt finish.

It is not a topical surface sealer so never requires stripping before reapplication, it does not trap moisture. It can be applied to older pavers and to newly laid pavers, it allows vapour transmission.

Please contact us for details on all our sealers and cleaners for sandstone patios.

5 litres of Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier covers approximately 35m2 – 40m2. Please allow for some variation due to individual levels of porosity between different sandstones.

Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is available in both a 5 litre container and a economic 20 litre container.

For further details please contact Floorseal on (01484) 686270 or [email protected]