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How to seal block paving

how to seal block paving

How to seal block paving

The following article will help you to seal your block paved driveways, patios or parking areas.

This includes applying sealers to sandseal the paving where sanded joints are present. Or sealing paving which have had brush in compounds applied to the joints.

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how to seal block paving driveways

Sealing block paving with sandsealers

Floorseal Block Paving Eco Seal can be sprayed on and/or applied with a roller to concrete-based block pavers with sanded joints. If the joint is saturated with sealer this will partially solidify the joint therefore inhibiting weed growth.

This product can also be applied to block pavers where brush-in compounds have been used to fill the joints.

Block Paving Eco Seal is a water-based sealer, it does not contain solvents or VOCs. The sealer is low odour, easy to apply, and dries rapidly. Apply in two thin coats.

When sanded joints are present you should apply liberally into the joint via a sprayer, roller or squeegee. Make sure the sealer is applied over the whole area in thin coats (once the joint is saturated). You will require two applications of the product.

When applying to concrete-based block paving with brush in compounds (applied to the joints) you will require less product. Brush-in compounds are porous, but much less so than sand so your overall coverage rate will be greater.

Brush-in compounds do not require solidifying like a sanded joint. Apply in two thin coats over the whole area. We recommend using a roller to apply the sealer to the surface.

Blocks which are an earthy colour may slightly deepen in colour after the sealer is applied. Plain grey-coloured pavers will retain the same colour. Block Paving Eco Seal leaves a natural close to matt finish.

Block Paving Eco Seal is not suitable for use on clay-based block pavers. Only apply this product to concrete-based block pavers.

how to seal clay based block paving

Sealing block pavers with invisible sealers

If you wish to seal clay-based or concrete-based block pavers with an invisible sub-surface sealer, we recommend Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe.

Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe is an impregnating sealer which does not alter the appearance of the block in any way. After sealing, the pavers will retain their exact appearance prior to sealing.

Perfect for sealing clay-based blocks as well as concrete-based pavers where solidifying sand is not required. This product does not solidify sanded joints but creates a water-repellent surface for the pavers. This resists organic growth, water & oil-based staining.

You may wish to use this kind of sealer because:

  • Your pavers have been jointed with brush in compounds which are already set in the joint i.e. does not require a product which solidifies sand.
  • You would like the block to retain its exact pre-sealed appearance.
  • Or because you wish to seal clay-based block pavers where Block Paving Eco Seal cannot be used.

We recommend this type of sealer as the first port of call for sealing block paving and pavers. This product is the easiest to apply, does not alter appearance and has no ongoing maintenance requirements.

A simple overspray of Floorseal Green Remover Concentrate once or twice per year will keep your pavers and joints in top condition.

sealing block paving reduces maintenance upkeep

In conclusion

Floorseal Block Paving Eco Seal for sealing concrete-based block paving and/or where you wish to sand-seal (solidify) a sanded joint. Produces a natural close to matt finish which can be sprayed over and into the joints – roller out to produce thin coats over the blocks. Suitable for concrete-based block pavers.

Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe can be sprayed or applied via roller, the pavers retain their pre-sealed appearance. Suitable for both clay-based and concrete-based block pavers. Our recommended product for concrete or clay-based block pavers. Easy to apply, no ongoing maintenance & fully breathable. This product maintains a totally natural matt appearance to your block paving.

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