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How to seal granite pavers

how to seal granite pavers

How to seal granite pavers

If you wish to seal a granite patio, Floorseal Granite Paver Sealer makes this process easy. Sealing a granite paver protects the stone by creating a water & oil repellent surface which inhibits organic growth.

This granite paver sealer is a form of breathable impregnating sealer, which does not alter the appearance of the stone. The sealed surface naturally repels liquids and inhibits organic growth, but without the requirement for a surface film or coating. It is the film or surface coating forming products which trap moisture – Granite Paver Sealer does not form a film so does not trap moisture.

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General tips for pre-cleaning granite

We recommend pre-cleaning your granite with Floorseal Sealer Residue Remover if you have used a brush in compound. It will break down the resinous slick which can form on either side of the joint.

If you note obvious visible mistakes caused by brush in compounds these may be rectified with Floorseal Jointing Compound Residue Remover. Test in an inconspicuous for suitability.

Existing or older patios should be cleaned with Floorseal Patio Cleaner Plus. Patio Cleaner Plus is for the removal of organic contaminations. This could be green algae, lichen, leaf staining & bird droppings. It is not for the removal of cement or grouts etc.

Patio Cleaner Plus is perfect for cleaning granite pavers in the spring. But also when organic contaminations have appeared due to colder weather & the proximity to trees etc.

When removing cement and grout haze, we recommend Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover. This product will remove cement-based grout hazes, concrete staining and cement-based slurry primers.

how to seal granite pavers

Sealing granite pavers with Floorseal Granite Paver Sealer

Ensure the stone is totally dry before sealing. We recommend approximately 4 weeks of drying and settlement of the granite (if it is a new installation) before sealing.

Floorseal Granite Paver Sealer is easy to apply with a simple low-pressure pump-up sprayer. It is also possible to apply Granite Paver Sealer with a masonry-style roller. Be generous with the application of the product during this first application. Particularly when you notice the stone is quite porous and is readily soaking up the sealer.

You should apply the product twice. The first application is the main delivery of the product, this first application will be absorbed relatively quickly as the stone is quite porous. A second (lighter) application should be made approximately one hour later. You will notice you require less product during the second application due to the first application beginning to take effect.

Apply the product generously, and remove any excess product i.e. anything visibly wet on the surface after approximately 20 minutes. Use a dry cloth or dry roller to do this.

The sealer is a non-visible breathable impregnating sealer. After sealing, the granite should have the same appearance prior to the application of the product.

The full curing time of this product is 24 hours. Please consider weather conditions when sealing any exterior granite. The surface should not become wet during the curing time and any excess product should be removed within 20 minutes of each application.

Creating a wet look or colour-enhancing granite

If you wish to deepen the colour of an exterior granite we would recommend contacting us first. It is much more difficult to achieve a satisfactory result with an external colour enhancer.

how to seal granite pavers

In conclusion

When any pre-cleaning work has been carried out you should wait at least 24 hours before any sealing work is planned. Once the granite pavers have been cleaned with a cleaning solution, rinsed and ideally, pressure washed. The granite will take some time to dry – Do not apply sealers until the granite is totally dry.

Granite Paver Sealer – A matt natural finish impregnating sealer. This sealer does not alter the appearance of the granite after sealing. The purpose of this sealer is to produce a water & oil-resistant surface whilst retaining a natural unaltered appearance.

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This article cannot possibly cover all aspects of cleaning and renovating granite pavers. For this reason, the information contained within this article is not exhaustive. If you need further information please contact Floorseal on (01484) 861461 or email us our web address is