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How to seal outdoor porcelain tiled floors
How to seal porcelain tiled floors

Mar 10, 2021

How to seal outdoor porcelain tiled floors

The information below relates to how to seal porcelain tiles and the reasons for doing so. You wish to slightly alter the appearance of your tiles or help them resist water & oil-based staining.

Our number one product for sealing porcelain is Porcelain Tile Sealer for PatiosA micro top-coat sealer for fully-vitrified or semi-vitrified porcelains. This sealer protects, deepens colour, and will also create a sheen. Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios can be applied to semi-porous or non-porous tiles. It is our most popular porcelain tile sealer and can be applied to a fully vitrified, non-porous porcelain tiles.​

How do you protect porcelain tiles?

You can protect micro or semi-porous tiles by applying Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios. This sealer is micro top-coat surface sealer which can be used on most semi-porous or non-porous porcelain tiles. It is applied in a one very thin coat to deepen colour and protect against dirt & possible staining.

How to seal outdoor porcelain tiled floors

The different types of porcelain tile

Glazed porcelain or fully vitrified porcelain. This is the largest group of porcelains found on exterior floors. This type of tile will be totally non-porous. It may have a sheen or more likely it will be in a matt finish, probably with a textured/anti-slip surface. This type of tile can be sealed with a micro top-coat sealer only – do not try and seal with an impregnating sealer as they cannot penetrate the surface of a non-porous surface. There is an exceedingly high chance that a fully vitrified porcelain is the type of porcelain tile you have fitted to your patio.

Unglazed/semi-vitrified or micro semi-porous porcelains. This is a much smaller group of porcelains. This type of tile will almost certainly be in a matt finish. Semi vitrified porcelain can be sealed with either an impregnator or micro top-coat sealer. This kind of tile is semi-porous – it is unlikely you will have this kind of tile fitted to your patio.

Is it necessary to seal a porcelain tiled floor?

Fully vitrified or glazed porcelains (the largest group/type of porcelain) are non-porous so technically do not need sealing. But you can use a micro top-coat sealer to alter colour or produce a sheen, use Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios to do this.

It is beneficial to seal exterior tiles due to the fact they may become leaf stained or pick up dirt due to their texture. You can also seal your porcelain tiles to protect against organic growth. Using a micro top-coat sealer, like Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios, will deepen colour and create a sheen to your tiles.

It is not uncommon for people to notice a lack of colour or a washed-out grainy appearance to their tiles after they have been laid. Sealing with our Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios will remedy this issue.

Be aware that fully vitrified non-porous tiles can only be sealed with a micro top-coat sealer like Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios. Do not attempt to use impregnating (also known as penetrating sealers) on non-porous surfaces.

How to seal outdoor porcelain tiled floors

What happens if you do not seal porcelain tiles?

Fully vitrified tiles non-porous tiles do not necessarily need sealing against water & oil-penetration. But there are still some reasons to seal them, particularly if you wish to create a sheen or deepen the colour of darker matt finish tiles. Deepening colour can be achieved by applying our micro top-coat sealer which, in addition, creates a sheen. Our micro top-coat sealer can also help reduce the issues that arise from textured or anti-slip surfaces which easily capture dirt.

What is the best sealer for porcelain tiled floors?

We believe the best sealer for outdoor porcelain tiles is Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios which is used to create a sheen and deepen the colour of matt-coloured tiles. It is particularly useful for exterior porcelain tiles which look dull and washed out. This micro top-coat sealer also protects the tile from abrasion and staining; it only to be applied in a single thin coat.

How to seal outdoor porcelain tiled floors

Is it necessary to seal a porcelain tiled floor?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you want to alter the appearance from matt finish to a sheen or deepen colour.

How do you make porcelain tiles shine?

Using Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios creates a surface sheen. It can be applied to semi vitrified/semi-porous and fully vitrified/non-porous tiles. It is often applied to darker tiles that can have a washed-out appearance. Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios will create a subtle sheen and deepen colour.

Do any of your sealers create a ‘wet look’ finish on a porcelain tile?

Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios creates a sheen and can slightly deepen surface colour. It is effective at deepening the colour of darker tiles like greys, charcoal, anthracites, and black coloured tiles.

This sealer does not fully replicate the appearance of a tile which has been fully saturated with water. It does slightly deepen surface colours so in this respect it is a little similar.

close up of porcelain tile floor with herringbone pattern and faded wood look

Application methods for sealing external porcelain tiling

Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios – Seal with one single thin coat. This should be carried out with a flat microfibre mop or by hand with microfibre cloths. You should only apply one thin coat, evenly wetting both the tile and grout with product.

Do not be tempted to use thick coats or two coats. Do not use a roller, brush, or sprayer. This product is a very thin micro top-coat sealer. It does not require multiple coats. One coat is sufficient, we do not recommend applying more than one coat.

Work in small patches, there is no need to walk into your work area. You should be able to reach into each small section and apply the product. You do not need to walk into or kneel on the area you are treating. Once the first section is complete move onto a new area and apply the product to the next section. This product dries in 1 hour or less and cures over the next 24 hours – apply in dry weather.

Do not move garden furniture or place heavy object back onto the treated area for at least 24 hours.

You may need to clean your tiles before sealing them. Please see our associated article about cleaning outdoor porcelains tiles. To view this article please click here.

Click here if you wish to see all the products suitable for sealing and cleaning porcelain tiles. You can purchase a sample of the sealer if required.

The information contained within this article is not exhaustive. If you need further information please contact Floorseal on (01484) 861461 or email us Info@floorseal.co.uk our web address is www.floorseal.co.uk

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