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Which type of grout sealer should I use in a shower cubicle?

Which type of grout sealer should I use in a shower cubicle?

Which type of grout sealer works for shower cubicles, splashbacks or frequently wet tiled areas?

The following article discusses how to seal grout in showers and splashbacks. If you wish to seal your grout lines & tiles in shower cubicles, bathrooms, splashbacks and other living areas please read on.

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grout sealing is highly recommended in shower cubicles with mosaic tile

What type of product can I use to seal grout in showers?

The type of sealer normally used just to seal the grout lines in shower cubicles is normally an aerosol grout sealer spray, for example Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer.

Non-porous porcelain & ceramic tiles do not require sealing but you will still need to seal the grout lines. We recommend using Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer aerosol sealer to quickly seal grout lines in shower cubicles and bathrooms in general.

This grout sealer spray is very easy to use and dries rapidly. The grout lines should be clean and dry, once applied do not use the shower for 24 hours.

To apply, simply hold the canister approximately 20cm from the grout line and spray onto the grout. If any excess sealer is noted on the tiles either side of the grout line use a soft microfibre cloth to remove the excess before it dries.

Once the grout sealer spray is dry, sprinkle a little water onto the grout line, if water beading is noted, the grout line is sealed. If the grout still absorbs water repeat the process.

Can I use Floorseal grout sealer spray on my bathroom or kitchen floor?

Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer can be applied to both wall and floor tiles including shower cubicles, wet room floors and tiled splashbacks behind sinks etc. Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer rapid sealing spray can be used to seal the face (the grout line and the whole of the tile) of porous natural stone tiles when sealing smaller areas. Please note: Non-porous tiles such as porcelain and ceramics do not need sealing – just the grout lines.

Natural stone tiles such as travertine, limestone & slate will be porous and can be sealed as well as the grout line.

Floorseal premium tile and grout sealer is ideal for tiled shower cubicles, tile floors, tile walls, splashbacks and more

Do I need to seal the grout on the splashbacks in my kitchen or behind sinks?

Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer is perfect for sealing the grout lines on kitchen and bathroom tiled splashbacks. As before, you can seal both the tile and the grout line if the tile is a porous material such as travertine, limestone or slate. Some man-made materials such as cement-based encaustic tiles will also be porous and can be sealed with a grout sealer spray. If the tiles are non-porous, such as porcelain or glazed ceramic tiles, you only need to seal the grout line.

How do I seal larger areas of grout and natural stone tiles?

If you are just sealing the grout line on non-porous porcelain or ceramic tiled floors and walls we recommend Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer.

If you wish to seal a porous natural stone tile, which means sealing the whole of a (large) floor or wall, we recommend Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer. This is a water-based liquid which can be applied evenly to the entire surface including the grout line.

It is an economical way of sealing larger floor or wall areas where you are not just sealing the grout line. If you have a bathroom floor or wall which is constructed from porous materials such as Travertine, Slate, Limestone, Marble or cement-based tiles you will need to seal the whole area, not just the grout lines.

Apply Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer to the whole of the face of the tile and grout line. Leave the sealer to penetrate the surface, then buff the whole area dry after around 5-10 minutes. Repeat this process approximately 40 minutes later.

Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer can be applied by roller, paint pad or brush.

Bathroom or Kitchen tiled splashbacks can be sealed with Premium Tile and Grout for less maintenance and staining

In conclusion

Floorseal Premium Tile & Grout Sealer is an aerosol grout sealer spray – Perfect for rapid & easy sealing the grout lines on porcelains, ceramic tiles & natural stone. Typically used for any surface where you wish to rapidly seal just the grout line, or small areas of tiles.

Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer is a liquid water-based sealer which can be used to seal both the grout line and the face of the tiles. Typically used when sealing larger areas of natural stone or generally porous tiles.

Both products are suited to sealing bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens & tiled splashbacks. Please note:  These products are not for sealing visible cracks and holes they are to help naturally porous surfaces gain a water repellent surface. 

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