Notice: Order delivery timescale is approximately 48 hours from order – Mon-Fri.

Frequently asked questions

All items to the UK mainland are delivered free of charge. There are some charges to Northern Ireland and the highlands and Islands. You check by entering your postcode at the checkout.

It is a free standard delivery service. Most orders take around 48-72 hours if made before 1.00pm. We aim to be as fast as possible but do not guarantee next day delivery. All deliveries will be made on working days Monday-Friday.

No, working week days only, Monday to Friday other than be special arrangement.

Yes provided they made within 30 days of purchase. All of the seals on containers need to be intact and the label undamaged.

No, it is the customers responsibility to pay for the return. We do not arrange pickups for customers.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK.

It will always depend on the porosity of the surface being sealed. Even the same type of stone can vary. If you are unsure please contact us, our advice is free.

It will stay cleaner and look more attractive for longer. Some sealers will enhance natural colour making the stone appear even more attractive.

Yes for a period of time, but you may wish to clean it again next spring. Sealing stone extends the time it stays clean for as it inhibits organic growth.

Pressure washing alone does not remove black spot lichens, our Patio Black Spot Remover Plus will remove it.

Patio cleaners can take over an hour to break down organic soiling, they often only work when the surface is kept wet. Heavy contaminations may take longer to clear, you may wish to repeat the process.

No, some sealers are surface sealers used to create a sheen. There are many reasons why one form of sealer is more suitable than another. It will vary based on stone type and whether it is located inside or outside. Please contact us for advice it is free!

Usually it is related to how much active ingredient is contained in the product. Cheap patio cleaners contain very low levels of active ingredients. Therefore they are actually very expensive for what they are! You may need to apply huge amounts of product to gain any visible effect. We only supply strong and effective cleaning agents.