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Please find our products for cleaning or sealing internal & external brick walls listed below. Feel free to call or email us for help & advice.

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If you need to clean & seal an internal or external brick wall or floor please read on. We have various cleaning, sealing and dustproofing products for brick walls, masonry walls and brick floors.

Interior bricks often shed a fine dust which causes unsightly marks on floor coverings and can be present in the air we breathe. Floorseal has quality cleaning, sealing & dustproofing products for both interior brick & masonry walls and floors.

Floorseal also has a range of cleaning and sealing products for exterior walls. Floorseal cleaners will remove algae, efflorescence, cement staining and lichens. Our breathable impregnating sealer is perfect for sealing exterior walls. Suitable for protecting modern cavity walls or rubble filled historic walls against damp and rainwater.

Looking for brick cleaning products?

To clean your internal brickwork of cement based grouts and mortars you should use Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover. This product can be used on brick walls to remove the residues left from old lime based plasters, lime mortar, grouts, renders and cement staining. It will also remove general dirt, soot & waxes.

Floorseal Brick Cleaner is for removing cement & mortar staining from exterior walls. It will also remove general dirt & efflorescence salting.

To clean exterior walls we recommend Floorseal Render Cleaner Softwash Solution mixed with Cleaner Additive. This product will really deep clean your bricks & masonry. Render Cleaner Softwash Solution will remove lichens and other severe organic contaminations. When Cleaner Additive is diluted into Render Cleaner Softwash Solution this product really ‘clings’ to the surface. Thus preventing premature drying and extending the products dwell time.

What’s the best way to seal interior or exterior brick walls?

To seal interior brick walls we recommend Floorseal Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer. This product will prevent your bricks from dusting and seal them all in one application.

Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer can be applied to new bricks and old bricks which may be lime pointed. This product dries to a matt finish and can be built in multiple coats if required, although usually, one coat is sufficient to prevent dusting and seal your brickwork.

Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer can also be applied to general porous masonry and natural stone walls. This includes sandstone, limestone, granite & conglomerates. This product is perfectly suited to sealing old walls which tend to shed dust into the atmosphere and surrounding surfaces.

If you wish to seal your exterior walls to prevent water penetration we recommend sealing with Floorseal Breathable Brick Sealer & Waterproofer. This product will repel rain water and general damp and is fully breathable.

Simply spray onto your exterior bricks or masonry in one application with a light overspray 40 minutes later to gain full protection. Breathable Brick Sealer & Waterproofer is resistant to UV as well as moisture penetration.

Breathable Brick Sealer & Waterproofer will provide an invisible seal to your exterior brick & masonry walls and greatly protects from build ups of grime and organic matter.

Breathable Brick Sealer & Waterproofer is also suitable for porous natural stone like sandstone, slate, limestone & conglomerates. It can be applied to roofs, lintels, coping stones and walls.

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