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Our Porcelain cleaners and porcelain tile sealers are listed below. Please ask for advice if you are unsure on which product to use on your porcelain tiles.

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If you want to maximise the beauty of your porcelain pavers or tiles, or you wish to preserve and enhance them with a view to reduce maintenance then read on, we have some important tips and some important information about Porcelain tile care. Floorseal have products and solutions to help you achieve great results.

Looking for the best Porcelain cleaning products?

Floorseal has a range of cleaning products suitable for cleaning your porcelain tiles and pavers. We have a variety of cleaners ranging from the removal of brush in compounds or resin-based grout residues to general everyday cleaners. The reasons for cleaning porcelain varies depending on its location and age so selecting the correct cleaner is important.

Many newly laid outdoor porcelains require a general clean to remove modern resin-based brush in compounds or resin-based grouts which are applied as a slurry. Smears and hazing can be difficult to remove once cured so specialist cleaners are required. Floorseal Jointing Compound Residue Remover is perfect for breaking down resin-based compounds and grouts. Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover can be used to remove cement-based staining and cement-based grouts typically used on interior floors.

For existing porcelain patio tiles you may wish to carry out a deep clean during the spring to remove the winter dirt, grime and organic growth. Floorseal Outdoor Porcelain Tile Cleaner will cut through dirt, grime and organic staining left over from cold wet winters.

Cleaning interior porcelain tiles presents us with different cleaning issues. Interior tiles are usually cleaned more regularly, possibly on a day to day and certainly weekly basis. Floorseal Intensive Tile Cleaner is perfect for deep cleaning interior tiles when your general household cleaner has failed. For day to day cleaning we recommend Floorseal Porcelain Tile Cleaner to both clean and sanitise your interior floor.

What’s the best way to seal Porcelain tiles?

The reason for sealing porcelain is often because of issues with colour, texture and also the need to protect the surface.

After fitting, darker porcelains can look dull and washed out, appearing lifeless with pastel tones. Sealing grey or darker tiles can improve appearance by creating richer colours. It is possible to seal your tiles with our thin micro top-coat sealer called Floorseal Porcelain Tile Sealer for Patios. This sealer will protect the tile and deepen darker colours such as grey, anthracites and charcoal coloured tiles. The sealer only requires one thin coat to protect and enrich surface colours, a little bit goes a very long way!

This sealer is a subtle thin coat which is easy to apply. Our porcelain tile sealer is not a thick glossy coating, it will bond to both fully vitrified as well as semi-vitrified porcelains. A thin layer resists abrasion and protects the tiles which in turn enables textured surfaces resist staining from ingrained dirt and organic contaminations.

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