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Please find our products for cleaning & sealing sandstone listed below. Please contact us for help & advice.

Blog articles relating to Sandstone

How to seal a kandla grey sandstone patio

How to seal Kandla Grey Indian sandstone & plain grey sandstones

We recommend sealing Kandla grey sandstone with a non-visible, breathable impregnating sealer like Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe
To seal and improve sandstone, you should choose a enhancing sealer. If there is colour and interest noticeable within the stone, it will highlight its appearance.
Black spot lichens which have formed on Indian sandstone, York sandstone and concrete can be particularly difficult to remove. They are highly resistant to pressure washing, therefore, a cleaning agent is always required

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If you want to improve the colour of your sandstone or simply seal against the effects of weathering or staining please read on. We have products to clean, revive & restore your sandstone patios, pavers, walls or general masonry. There are useful tips contained with our product pages, blog articles and FAQ sections. Floorseal have all the necessary cleaning and sealing products to maintain your sandstone patios, pavers, walls & floors all producing great results.

Looking for the best Sandstone cleaning products?

Floorseal has a wide range of cleaning products suitable for cleaning all the various types of sandstones. We have sandstone cleaners for the removal of brush in compounds, resin-based grout residues, cleaners for cement & grout haze removal, black spot lichen removers & other specialist or everyday cleaners.

Floorseal Jointing Compound Residue Remover is perfect for breaking down resin-based brush in compounds and resin grouts. This product will remove resin based compounds from newly laid sandstone patios, pavers and paths. Resins are difficult to remove but this product will, with adequate dwell time, soften and remove mistakes made with brush in compounds.

Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover can be used to remove cement-based staining and cement-based grouts typically used on interior floors. This product can also be used on natural sandstone to remove general cement or mortar staining on old or new floors or walls. Suitable for use on interior or exterior surfaces.

To deep clean exterior sandstone patios you should use Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus for the removal of black spot lichens. If you wish to carry out periodic cleaning of your sandstone patio please use Floorseal Patio Cleaner Plus.

Deep cleaning of interior sandstone’s can be carried out using Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner. This product is an intensive deep cleaning solution which is brilliant on sandstones which have become really dirty from constant mopping or heavy use. It can be applied in more diluted forms as a general cleaner.

How do I seal sandstone?

Sealing sandstone is dictated by its location i.e. interior or exterior and also the type of sandstone.

For exterior, colourful sandstone like patios & pavers Floorseal Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is ideal. For grey sandstones like Kandla Grey or monotone sandstones we recommend Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe.

Interior Sandstone tiles can be sealed with Floorseal Stone & Tile Sealer Satin or again Floorseal Natural Stone Sealer Breathe.

There are a variety of ways of sealing sandstones whether that be interior or exterior floors, walls, paths and lintels. Our sealers can be used to waterproof, alter colour or sheen and to prevent dusting. Please contact us for details of your project and we will be happy to help.