5 Litre

Artificial Grass Cleaner Concentrate 1:10

Floorseal Artificial Grass Cleaner Concentrate 1:10 is a powerful cleaner for all artificial lawns. This safe & effective artificial grass cleaner deodorises, cleans & disinfects all in one. This product is a powerful concentrate with a lavender fragrance. When diluted 1:10 with clean water the solution will clean a huge 165m2 of lawn!

Suitable for use for the removal of algae & moss. The best & artificial grass cleaner for pet odours! Easy to apply, fast acting and highly effective. This artificial grass cleaning solution can be used on domestic artifical lawns, bowling greens, tennis courts & astroturf.

5 Litre

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Frequently asked questions

Yes up to once a week.

You can use it at stronger concentrations, including neat, on problem areas.

165m2 when diluted at 1:10 with water. A diluted ready to use (RTU) solution should be applied at a rate of 3m2 per litre.

The lawn can be used again once the solution is dry.

It depends on the conditions at the point of application. On hot days only 15 minutes, on a very cool day approximately 1 hour.