5 Litre

Black Limestone Restorer

Black Limestone Restorer is a high-performance black limestone paving sealer & colour restorer. This product has been specifically formulated for sealing and enhancing the colour of black limestone patios, pavers & slabs. This black limestone sealer will deepen surface colours enriching its appearance, a little like dampening with water.

5 Litre

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Frequently asked questions

No, it is a clear liquid that penetrates the surface and deepens the colour.

No, this product both seals and deepens the colour of the surface.

It soaks into the limestone to deepen its colour. It is also a waterproofing agent so inhibits water and oil based staining.

It is a little like oiling wood, to increase depth of colour whilst retaining its natural appearance.

It will always dry to a natural matt finish as it is a form of impregnator. The product penetrates the surface of the limestone to seal and deepen colour from within.

We recommend pre cleaning the surface with Floorseal Sealer Residue Remover if you have used a brush in compound. This is to remove the resinous slick that can be present around the joint, after a brush in compound has been used.

With care! – do not use an acid! Soaking with water with long dwell times can help.

If it is just a residue very carefully pressure washing may work. Do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the limestone or you could mark it!

Using our Sealer Residue Remover can help if it is a light contamination.


No, limestones are all acid sensitive and you will etch the surface!

Ring us! The level of damage the acid has created will dictate the success of using Black Limestone Restorer.

Yes this product is suitable for using on internal floors.

Apply in a single application working in small sections of a few pavers wide or deep. Remove all excess before it dries, typically no more than 10 minutes. It is imperative that all slabs are buffed dry with microfibre cloths. Do not apply if rain is likely in the next 48-72 hours. A roller, paint pad or brush can be used to apply the product.