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Black Limestone Restorer

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Black Limestone Restorer is for restoring the colour to worn and acid damaged black limestone patios and pavers. This product can also be applied to newly laid slabs or pavers to obtain the maximum depth of colour. This product most closely replicates the effect of wetting the surface of your limestone with water, but dries to a natural matt finish. Sometimes known as a wet look finish but in this case drying to a natural matt finish. It is also breathable, unlike all other shiny wet look finishes, therefore does not need stripping off before reapplication in the future.

We recommend contacting us about the application method of this product. If you have acid damaged your black limestone please call for help and advice!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it is an impregnator so allows full water vapour transmission.

No, this product both seals and colour enhances the surface.

It soaks into the limestone and deepens the colour. It also contains a sealer to inhibit water and oil staining. This product is a particularly strong enhancer & sealer.

Because the product is designed to sit within the surface of the stone. This product will leave the surface of the stone looking as natural as possible. Work in small patches to make excess removal easier.

No, it has a flat matt natural colour enhanced finish. It cannot create a sheen as it is contained within the structure of the stone. If you have a sheen when finished the application process  you have not fully removed the excess.

Use our Jointing Compound Residue Remover. We recommend all black limestones are cleaned with this product if you have used a brush in style jointing compound.

No, it is acid sensitive and you will etch the surface causing light cloudy patches all over the surface.

Ring us! This product will correct acid damage but possibly requires a pre-treatment.

Black limestone is more of a deep grey than black. Weathering, including slightly acidic rain water will slowly turn it to a washed out grey colour. Use Black Limestone Restorer to deepen the colour.

Yes it can be used on sandstone and slate with care. Contact us if you are planning to do this.

Do not use water to remove it!! You could use an acetone to remove the excess before it cures. It should go flat matt once removed.

Yes, strong colour enhancers will most closely replicate the effect of wetting your black limestone with water. It will dry to a flat matt as the product soaks into the limestone, becoming meshed into the surface layers. Black Limestone Restorer leaves a natural finish with a much deeper colour.

As a general rule no. If you have used an acrylic style top coat sealer you will need to strip it off first. Water based acrylics are easier to strip than solvent based acrylics (which are usually contained in a metal tin).

If you have recently applied a breathable impregnator you will have to thoroughly clean the surface of the stone. If it was applied a few years ago we would still recommend thoroughly cleaning the limestone first. This could be with an alkaline cleaning agent or possibly a solvent based product.

Please contact us regarding this process.