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Black Limestone Sealer & Enhancer

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Black Limestone Sealer & Enhancer is a high-performance water based black limestone paving and tile sealer. This product has been specifically formulated for sealing and enhancing black limestone patios and pavers. Dries to an enriched matt finish, similar to wetting the surface with water but without the associated shine.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it is an impregnator so allows full water vapour transmission.

No, this product both seals and enhances the surface.

It soaks into the limestone and deepens the colour. It also contains a sealer to inhibit water and oil staining.

Because the product is designed to sit within the surface of the stone. This product is designed to leave the surface of the stone looking as natural as possible.

No, it has a flat matt natural colour enhanced finish.

Use our jointing compound residue remover. We recommend all black limestones are cleaned with this product if you have used brushed in jointing compounds.

No, it is acid sensitive and you will etch the surface.

Ring us! there is a correction procedure involving a strong colour enhancer and a pre-treatment.