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Black Limestone Sealer & Restorer

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Black Limestone Sealer & Restorer is a high-performance black limestone paving sealer. This product has been specifically formulated for sealing and enhancing the colour of black limestone patios, pavers & internal surfaces. This product will deepen surface colours enriching its appearance, a little like dampening with water.

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Frequently asked questions

No, it is a clear liquid that penetrates the surface and deepens the colour.

No, this product both seals and enhances the surface.

It soaks into the limestone to deepen colour. It is also a waterproofing sealer so will inhibit water and oil staining. It is a little like oiling wood to increase interest whilst retaining its natural appearance.

It will dry almost matt on the more porous limestones. It will create a low sheen satin finish on very dense black limestones.

Some brush in compounds can weather off over time – seek advice from the manufacturer. Very careful pressure washing can work. Do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the limestone or you can mark it!

The issue with brush in style compounds is that they are often non-porous. Therefore sealers cannot penetrate into the stone.

Brush in compound residues need removing before any attempt to seal the stone is made. If you are unsure you can always apply to a few slabs before proceeding to a full application of sealer.

Use Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner as a general cleaner & residue remover. It is non acidic and will remove light contaminations of grout, cement & brush in contaminations.

With care! – do not use an acid! Soaking with water with long dwell times can help.

If it is just a residue very carefully pressure washing may work. Do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the limestone or you will mark it!

Use our Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner, it is a non acidic cleaner and will remove dirt, grime &  grout & cement hazes. It can also remove light contaminations of ‘brush in’ style compounds.

Sometimes a very slight haze can be hidden with our sealer – check first before applying to the whole surface.

No, it is acid sensitive and you will etch the surface!

Ring us! The level of damage created will dictate the success of using Black Limestone Sealer & Restorer.

Yes you can, apply in 2 coats as normal.

Ventilate the area during application and the curing process.