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Black Spot Remover Plus


Black Spot Remover Plus is a very powerful black spot remover that specifically removes black spot lichen from patio’s and paving slabs. This highly effective black spot remover is significantly stronger than normal patio cleaners & other black spot removers.

An excellent black spot remover for cleaning Indian sandstones, Yorkshire sandstone flags, block pavers and concrete. Many 5 star verified product reviews on our website, Trustpilot & Amazon.

Floorseal is a professional cleaning and sealing product supplier. We provide in depth product descriptions, FAQs, how to articles and full product support!

Available in 5 litre & 20 litre containers (and bundle deals) with free economy delivery & express shipping options.

To read our blog article on how to remove black spot from sandstone patios & pavers, please Click Here.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Please wear old clothes or suitable overalls as the product can discolour organic fibres.
  • Always carry out a test patch to assess suitability and dwell time in an inconspicuous area.
  • If the product is not suitable do not continue to apply the product.
  • Lightly pre-wet the area.
  • Apply the product neat.
  • Use the test patch to gauge dwell time required for your patio.
  • Do not overspray product onto adjacent lawns or plants.
  • If you think the product will encounter adjacent lawns and plant life pre-wet them with clean water.
  • Apply to the surface using a low-pressure sprayer, watering can or neat from the container.
  • Always keep the surface visibly wet by over spraying with more product.
  • Periodically agitate the area treated with a stiff brush.
  • Rinse away the product with a hose pipe.
  • After treatment pressure wash the area for best results.
  • Repeat if required and/or extend the dwell time for heavy contaminations.
  • Do not allow the product to travel into garden ponds containing fish or other aquatic life etc.
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife once dry.

Powerful, targeted black spot elimination formula for patios and paving

Black Spot Remover Plus for natural stone, block pavers & concrete patios. Anyone who has tried to remove black spot lichen from a patio or flagstones will know it can be very difficult to remove. Black Spot lichen does not respond to pressure washing alone as it is deeply ingrained. Some people recommend using bleach to remove black spots on patio but unfortunately, this simply doesn’t work.

Trouble with black spots on Indian Sandstone?

General patio cleaners need not apply here! Most cheap patio cleaners are just simply too weak to remove black spot lichen. They may have some effect but usually do not remove lichens.  By using our Floorseal Black Spot Remover Plus it is a case of doing the job right with a full-strength product! Furthermore, this is also a patio algae remover as it will eliminate mould, algae and other similar deposits. This black spot remover for patios comes in 5 litres, a 10 litre deal and a larger economy 20 litre container with free delivery to UK mainland addresses. Black Spot Remover Plus is applied neat using a low-pressure sprayer, watering can or straight from the container. Black Spot Remover Plus is highly effective at cleaning all garden stonework including walls, coping stones and natural stone patios. Apply it to pavers, slabs, block paving and driveways for effect. Simply rinse the area after treatment and pressure wash the surface for best results. We highly recommend our Black Spot Remover Plus as the best product for removing black spot lichens from your patio and paving slabs!

Black spot removal solution works on all natural stone types

This is an excellent black spot lichen remover for all natural stone and concrete patio’s. It provides fantastic results on all difficult to remove organic marks and green algae and also works as a patio stain remover. It can be used on external tiles, concrete, block paving and brickwork. If your Indian sandstone patio is suffering from black spot contamination you may have tried to pressure wash with little or no effect. Our black spot remover will remove black spot from both Indian sandstone and also Yorkshire sandstone flags. Black Spot Remover Plus is a fantastic professional-strength cleaning product. Apply the product neat then leave it to dwell and work its magic! Black Spot Remover Plus is to be applied neat with a dwell time, the dwell time can be specifically determined by carrying out a test patch. Typically, this will be no less than an hour and you can always extend dwell times or repeat for severe infestations. Black spot removal is always possible but you must follow the instructions! Carrying out a small test patch on the lichen on patio will provide a timing that is to be repeated when treating the rest of the area. Once you have removed black spot lichens you can prevent their return by using Floorseal Green Remover Concentrate. You can read our blog about how to remove black spot lichens from your patio, please Click Here Available in 5 litre & 20 litre containers (and bundle deals) with free economy delivery & express shipping options. To read our blog article on how to remove black spot from sandstone patios & pavers, please Click Here. Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

Approximately 4m2 per litre (use neat).



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Delivery Charges & Timescale

  1. Shipping is based on a free standard delivery service to UK mainland addresses of 4 working days.
  2. An alternative paid express delivery service of 1-2 days to UK mainland addresses is available.
  3. Our couriers do not deliver on Sundays (or bank holidays) other than by special additional arrangement (see below).
  4. Saturday deliveries are made by Parcelforce, all orders must be received by 1pm Friday. Saturday deliveries are a signed for delivery service only. There is no ‘leave safe’ option.
  5. For the Highlands and Islands (including Northern Ireland) our standard shipping time may be slower than 4-5 days and is not free.
  6. Express/Saturday shipping options to the Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland is not available.
  7. Standard delivery is free except to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Orkneys, Shetlands & other UK offshore Islands.
  8. We do not dispatch orders on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holidays.
  9. We do not offer guaranteed shipping timescales.
  10. We do not deliver to the Channel Islands, or Scilly Isles.
  11. Any query over failed/missing deliveries must be made within 21 days of delivery date. Courier companies will not initiate investigations after this time.
  12. Any refund request made after 21 days is purely at our discretion, if a delivery has been made and is classified as ‘delivered’ by the courier company & associated tracking information. This does not always include GPS or photographic evidence.

For the latest guides and information on best user practices, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I remove black spot from Indian sandstone?

    Apply Black Spot Remover neat and allow to dwell for at least an hour – extend the dwell time if required. Repeat the process if required.

    A build-up that has taken 10 years to form will be more difficult to remove than a single years growth!

    Please read our blog article about removing black spot from sandstone patios; click here.

  • How long does the product take to work?

    The black spot remover may take an hour to work. It could be less if the contamination is light. Organic matter will be eliminated before the black spot, so any patio green algae and moss will be destroyed during the process.

    Extend the dwell time if required – a severe infestation may mean extending the dwell time to beyond an hour.

  • What sort of coverage should I expect?

    Approximately 20m2 from a 5 litre container. The product can also be bought in a larger economic 20 litre container which can cover up to 80m2.

  • What are the black spots on my sandstone patio?

    They are incredibly stubborn lichens, they are impossible to remove by jet washing. To get rid of these back spots on your patio, you need to ‘kill’ the living lichen first before washing away.

  • How do I keep the Black Spot Remover Plus wet whilst it works?

    Add more product so the surface is visibly wet, do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Agitate with a brush to move the solution over the high areas of the stone. This will also to stop the fluid from simply sitting in the low areas of the paving.

  • How crucial is dwell time?

    Dwell time is very important – Extend the dwell if the contamination is really severe, keep the product/surface wet and agitate periodically.

    A single long dwell time is more effective than repeating the process on multiple occasions with shorter dwell times.

  • I cannot remove my black spot, what have I done wrong?

    You have not carried out a test patch! By using a test patch you have the information to remove the black spot.

    • You may have exceeded the coverage rate of no more than 20m2 per 5 litre container.
    • Keep the surface wet, the product is to be applied so the surface is visibly wet.
    • You will know when the product is working as black spot often starts to turn grey or white.
    • Dwell time is critical – extend up to 4 hours if required.
    • Do not let the product dry out.
    • Repeat the process for very heavy build ups.
  • Is Black Spot Remover Plus harmful to bedding plants/shrubs or lawns?

    When wetting out the area to be treated you should also wet out the surrounding bedding plants and lawns. The product will be diluted if it encounters these areas and loses its strength.

    The way to neutralise black spot remover is to add lots of clean water to dilute it. The product has no residual effect when dry. It is a contact product and will not continue to work once dry.

  • Do you have further information on how to use your product?

    Yes, click the link below to have a look at a blog article about the removal of black spot – and feel free to contact us directly.

    Removing black spot lichens from patios & pavers.

  • I also wish to seal my sandstone after cleaning, which of your sealers would you recommend?

    Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is a breathable, natural, & matt finish sealer that slightly enhances colour. This product is ideal for any colourful sandstone like mint fossil, raj green, rainbow sandstone or Yorkshire sandstone flags.


    Natural Stone Sealer Breathe this sealer also retains a natural matt finish but does not alter the colour of the stone in any way. This product is ideal for plain grey sandstones like Kandla Grey.

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