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Block Paving Cleaner

Block Paving Cleaner is an intensive cleaner used to deep clean all types of block pavers. It will remove dirt, grime and organic growth like black spot lichen. Simply pre-wet the surface and apply the product leaving the cleaner to work. Block Paving Cleaner makes light work of ingrained dirt and organic staining.


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this product can be applied to any kind of block paver.

You can also use this product on natural stone and clay based tiles.

We think cement or concrete based pavers are the hardest to clean. Clay based pavers are usually easier.

It gives the product time to kill lichen. Black spot lichens are the most difficult organic contamination to clear.

It will help to keep the product on the surface, therefore in contact with dirt/grime and organic staining.

It produces a timing that you can then replicate over the rest of the pavers. It takes the guesswork out of the process but for light contamination you may find the black spot disappears in around 30 minutes.

A test patch will tell you this but usually at least 1 hour. It can be between 2 to 4 hours for really bad infestations. A light infestation can be removed in 20-30 minutes.

Yes, you can use the product at a ratio of 1:1 with clean water. It will not be as powerful but can cover greater areas. If you are removing severe black spot we would only recommend applying the product neat.

If you are confident (by carrying out a test patch) that a weaker solution will remove the lichens you could reduce the strength by mixing 50/50 with clean water.

If used neat around 20m2 per 5 litres. It can vary a little if the surface is particularly porous i.e. concrete.

Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover is an acid based cleaning agent for the removal of cement based hazes only. It will react with cement based block pavers so test before use.

Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner is a modern non acidic based cleaning agent which will remove grout & cement based hazes. It can remove light contaminations of ‘brush in’ style compounds.