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Block Paving Sealer

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Block Paving Sealer seals clay-based and cement-based block pavers. The sealer will penetrate the surface of the paver deepening colour leaving an attractive satin finish. A little like dampening the surface with water but without an unnatural shine. Apply Block Paving Sealer to both the paver and the joint for an attractive weather-resistant surface.


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Frequently asked questions

A colour enriched satin finish, a little like dampening the paver but without the associated high shine.

A low pressure pump up sprayer is the best method of application. We do not recommend using a roller.

Approximately 60 – 90 minutes. The product cures over a 24 hour period.

Sealers can look a little different when they dry. A test patch also familiarises the user with the correct technique to seal.

It really depends on what the jointing material is.

When a joint is filled with kiln-dried sand it will be around 40mm deep. The sand benefits from being flooded with product to inhibit general weed growth.

This obviously requires more product than if the joint is filled with a non-porous ‘brush in’ style jointing compound.

It depends on what you describe as wet look!

Some regard wet look as a shiny coating, we find most customers require a wet look where you have depth of colour without a high shine.

This sealer is designed to compliment the paver without it appearing glossy and unnatural.

This block paving sealer dries to a slightly enhanced satin finish.

Use Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus. It will intensively clean general dirt and grime and remove black spot lichens.