Cleaner Additive


Cleaner Additive also known as Lauryl Dimethylamine Oxide boosts the cleaning power of our patio cleaning & black spot removal products.

Cleaner Additive can be used in conjunction with Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover or Patio Cleaner Plus. This solution helps to prevent premature drying and foams to identify areas treated with the primary cleaning fluid. Cleaner Additive can help our cleaning products cling to walls, roofs and lintels.

Apply 50ml to 200ml per 5 litres of cleaning fluid.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

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Directions of Use

  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Always carry out a test patch to assess suitability and dwell time in an inconspicuous area.
  • If the product is not suitable do not continue to apply the product.
  • Dilute approximately 50ml to 200ml per 5 litres of cleaning solution.
  • Do not overspray product onto adjacent lawns or plants as per the product added to.
  • After treatment rinse off as per primary cleaning solution instructions.
  • Do not allow the product to travel into garden ponds containing fish or other aquatic life etc.
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife once dry.

Product Details

Foaming & thickening agent to boost cleaning power

Add our Cleaner Additive to boost the cleaning power of our exterior cleaners. Cleaner Additive can be in conjunction with our Patio Cleaner Plus or Patio Black Spot Remover Plus to boost cleaning power.

Cleaner additive helps our products cling to vertical surfaces and reduces the likelihood of premature drying. Cleaner Additive also slightly foams to identify the areas already treated with one of our exterior cleaners.

This product can be added to Patio Black Spot Remover Plus & Patio Cleaner Plus to boost their performance. This may be to help to prevent the products drying too quickly or help the cleaner cling to a vertical surface such as walls, lintels or roofs where it is difficult to apply a large volume of cleaning product.

Helps our patio cleaning products cling to surfaces and prevent premature drying

Floorseal Cleaner Additive should be diluted into the main cleaning product in small amounts – 50ml to 200ml per litre of cleaning fluid. Extremely useful when removing black spot lichens and tackling really dirty patios. This product will foam up to identify areas which have been treated with cleaner after pre-wetting the surface with water.

Cleaner Additive is also suitable for use on roofs & walls where there is little opportunity to directly agitate the surface. This products helps the cleaning agent to cling to the surface and slows the natural drying process down, thus boosting the performance of the primary cleaning agent.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at


As per the coverage rate of the product this fluid is used in conjunction with.

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which of your products can I add this fluid to?
What does this product do?

It thickens the cleaning agent and makes it slightly foam. Therefore reduces rapid drying & identifies areas where you have applied your cleaning agent to. It also helps the cleaner cling to vertical surfaces.

Does this product actually clean the surface?

No, it is purely an additive to boost the performance of the product it is used in conjunction with.

How much of this product should I dilute into my main cleaning solution?

50ml to 200ml per 5 litres of cleaning product.

Does cleaner addditive attack any form of natural stone, tile or concrete?

No, it is safe to use on any surface that the primary cleaner is applied to.

Why is the foaming action of this product beneficial?

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of where the primary cleaning product has been applied when you have pre-wet the area with water. The foaming process clearly shows the treated areas versus untreated.

Why does this product aid the cleaning process when cleaning vertical surfaces?

Cleaner Additive helps the product cling or ‘stick’ to a surface which naturally sheds fluid.

Is there any surface this product should not be directly applied to? or likely to encounter?

As per the primary cleaning product, this solution should not be allowed to travel into ponds, or encounter aquatic life. Most patio cleaners should not be applied directly to lawns, plants or shrubs.


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