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Concrete Floor Sealer

Concrete Floor Sealer is an acrylic concrete floor sealer for internal applications. Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer can be applied to both new and older concretes. Concrete Floor Sealer will dry to a translucent satin finish. It is an economical way to harden and dust proof concrete, it is suitable for garage floors and light industrial use.


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Frequently asked questions

It could slightly darken the surface but dries to a translucent finish.

Yes, it binds the surface of the concrete to inhibit dusting.

We recommend spraying it on in 2 thin coats but it can also be applied via a textured roller.

No, Floorseal Concrete Floor Sealer is to be applied and left to dry.

Approximately 10m2 per litre per coat.

Yes, the surface must be totally dry.

Yes, if you just wish to dustproof and you want to keep the surface as close to a ‘flat matt’ finish as possible. You may still need to apply more than 1 coat on very soft or new concretes.

Yes, if you have a very porous concrete. Allow suitable drying time between coats.

Yes the cleaner the better – wash down and or vacuum the surface if possible.