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Efflorescence Remover is a powerful cleaner for the removal of efflorescence salts from acid resistant surfaces. This product can be used on sandstones, slates, porcelain, bricks, ceramic and clay-based tiles. Efflorescence Remover will remove unsightly white salt staining from patios, pavers, tiles & walls.

Available in 1 & 5 litre containers with free standard delivery.

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Directions of Use

  • Please read the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as limestone or marble etc.
  • Always carry out a test patch to assess suitability and dwell time in an inconspicuous area.
  • If the product is not suitable do not continue to apply the product.
  • Apply to the surface using a mop or low-pressure sprayer (sprayers to be used in external situations only).
  • Can be used neat or up to a dilution rate of 1:5 with clean water.
  • Allow around 5-10 minutes of dwell time, do not allow product to dry on the surface during this time.
  • Allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes and agitate to obtain the best results.
  • Rinse away with plenty of clean water and allow to dry.
  • Repeat as required.
  • When using indoors ventilate the area and ensure all vapours clear.
  • Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces!
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife once rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry.
  • Coverage rates will vary depending on the porosity of the surface, level of salting & dilution rate.

Product Details

Highly effective cleaner for efflorescence and grout haze

Floorseal Efflorescence Remover is suitable for the removal of efflorescence salting & general grout haze from acid resistant surfaces. This powerful cleaning solution is safe to use on sandstones, slate, porcelain, ceramic tiles, clay based tiles & clay based block pavers.

Efflorescence Remover can be applied to newly installed patios, driveways, pavers & bricks. This powerful cleaning solution will easily remove salting residues from the surface of stone, bricks or tiles.

Simply apply the product, allow to dwell, then rinse the surface with clean water. The rinsing process will ensure any contaminants suspended in the solution are removed.

Adjust the dilution rate to suit the level of efflorescence present. The product can be diluted with clean water to as little as 1:5, you can also apply the product neat.

Versatile efflorescence remover woks on internal and external surfaces

Efflorescence Remover can be applied to interior & exterior floors and walls. To ensure suitability always carry out a test patch before applying to the entire surface.

This product is not to be used on acid sensitive surfaces like marble, travertine, concrete, cement pavers, limestone and terrazzo.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at info@floorseal.co.uk.


1 litre of product covers around 8m2 when applied neat.

Coverage rates may vary due to the particular level of porosity found on individual surface.

Adjust the dilution rate to suit the level of contamination encountered. This can be from as little as 1:5 to being applied neat.

Delivery Charges & Timescale



UK Mainland Standard Delivery (4-5 days) Free
Express Delivery (1-2 days) £2.95 inc VAT
Scottish Highlands & Islands £9.60 inc VAT
Isle of Man £24.00 inc VAT
Isle of Wight £2.40 inc VAT
Northern Ireland £9.60 inc VAT

Delivery Charges & Timescale

  1. Shipping is based on a free standard delivery service to UK mainland addresses of 4-5 days.
  2. An alternative paid express delivery service of 1-2 days to UK mainland addresses is available.
  3. Our couriers do not deliver on a Saturday or Sunday (or bank holidays) other than by special additional arrangement.
  4. For the Highlands and Islands (including Northern Ireland) our standard shipping time may be slower than 4-5 days and is not free.
  5. An express shipping option to the Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland is not available.
  6. Standard delivery is always free except to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland & other UK offshore Islands.
  7. We do not dispatch orders on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holidays.
  8. We do not offer guaranteed shipping timescales.
  9. We do not deliver to the channel Islands, or Scilly Isles.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Floorseal Efflorescence Remover on sandstones or slate?

Yes, it is suitable for sandstone and slate.

Can I use Efflorescence Remover on both internal & external surfaces?

Yes, the product can be used on both internal and external surfaces.

Can I use this product on black limestones or marble?

No, use Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner instead or Floorseal Sealer Residue Remover as they are safe to use on limestones & marble.

Can I apply this product to efflorescence on walls?

Yes it is suitable for using on both walls and floors.

Is Floorseal Efflorescence Remover suitable for the removal efflorescence from newly laid patios & pavers?

Yes, this product will remove the initial salt bloom from newly laid pavers.


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