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Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer

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Floorseal Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer seals and dustproofs interior brickwork and masonry. It is water based and dries to a breathable & enhanced matt finish. Easy to apply by sprayer, roller or brush with free delivery to UK mainland addresses. An eco friendly non-acidic brick & masonry cleaner, Floorseal Interior Brick Cleaner is also available as a pre-cleaner.


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Frequently asked questions

It leaves a natural matt finish. You may be able to build to a low sheen when applying 2 coats or more. It can also enhance earthy colours on more porous surfaces.

Just one coat to a maximum of two. You may see a slight sheen when applying 2 coats. Most surfaces will be dustproofed in a single application.

Yes this product is water based. Therefore it is low odour and very easy to work with.

Brush, or possibly a textured masonry style roller. For larger areas it can be sprayed on with a low pressure pump up sprayer. Use a sprayer fitted with a coarse nozzle.

Do not use an atomising nozzle, these are usually only fitted to small hand held atomising sprayers.

It is designed to partially soak in but some product remains on the surface to bind dust. Any obvious excess product is to be removed. This can be carried out 5-10 minutes after application. Use a microfibre cloth as they do not shed fibres.

On very porous surfaces the product will soak in easily without any excess being seen.

Interior Brick Sealer & Dustproofer can create a sheen when built up in thin coats. This sheen can be dependant on the porosity of the surface. Please remember that this product is not designed to create a sheen it is just a by-product of building up in thin coats.



This product is to help stain proof the wall and dustproof. It will allow water vapour transmission for breathability.

It is not a damp proofer, so it does not prevent an ingress of water through a wall from the outside of the building. It does not stop rising damp.

Yes it can, but in an aesthetically beneficial way. It tends to bring out the earthy tones of brickwork making it seem more attractive. A little bit like a very mild colour enhancer but with the ability to dustproof.

If you just wish to colour enhance the surface without dustproofing contact us for advice.

Use Floorseal Interior Brick Cleaner. It is a modern eco friendly, water based & non-acidic cleaner. This product will remove dirt, grime and light cement/grout haze residues. It can be used on brick & masonry walls and floors.

If you have a very heavy contamination of cement staining use Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover. It should only be used on acid resistant surfaces i.e. clay bricks or sandstones etc.

Yes this product can dustproof soft sandblasted bricks and masonry.

Prepare the surface by vacuuming away all lose dust before sealing. Sandblasted surfaces are very porous therefore absorb more product.

Yes this product can be used on lime pointed brick or masonry walls.

You can also safely pre-clean the walls with Floorseal Interior Brick Cleaner.