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Jointing Compound Residue Remover

Floorseal Jointing Compound Residue Remover is a non-acidic residue remover suitable for removing residue from brushed in or sweep in jointing compounds. It is safe to use on natural stone like slate, black limestone and sandstone and block pavers.

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Frequently asked questions

Because they are resinous so do not respond to acids.

Yes it is not acidic so will not attack pale or black limestones.

It fully removes than last tiny bit of residue that is left either side of the joint. If it is not removed on dark stone like black limestone or slate it can be apparent after sealing.

By sprayer or watering can. We recommend fully covering the patio to avoid any halos forming, this may be where single localised patches have been treated.

Yes a stiff brush is adequate and rinse the patio after treatment.