Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate


Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate is a concentrated professional use roof moss & algae remover. Suitable for roofs, driveways, patios, paths & pavers.

Spray onto the effected surface and allow to take effect over the following few days. Easy to apply with a simple pump-up garden sprayer for DIYers and professional cleaning companies.

A super strong effective formula which will tackle any moss and algae contamination. A really simple user friendly product for your roof, driveway, patio, paths or pavers. This cleaner can be used before or after sealing your surfaces with one of our Floorseal sealing products.

Moss & Alage Remover Concentrate is suitable for use as a one step patio cleaner, simply spray on and walk away. Easy to use instead of having to jet wash. This product can also be applied as a preventative measure against the initial, or recurring formation of algae, moss and lichens.

Available in 5 litre containers, a 10 litre bundle deal & an economy 20 litre container, with free standard delivery.


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Directions of Use

  • Please read the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Carry out a test in an inconspicuous area.
  • If you find this product is not suitable for use on your project, do not continue to use.
  • Dilute the product 1:5 with clean water.
  • For heavy contaminations, this product can be used at a ratio of 1:4.
  • Apply to dry surfaces with a sprayer or watering can.
  • Do not apply when rain is predicted in the next 12 hours.
  • Do not exceed more than 5m2 per litre of diluted solution.
  • Do not wash this product off the surface once treated.
  • Repeat once or twice per year depending on local conditions.
  • Do not exceed the coverage rates.
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife when dry.
  • Do not spray onto adjacent plants and lawns or allow the product to mist over them.
  • Do not allow this product to enter ponds or encounter aquatic life.
  • Please note this is not a general weed killing product.

Product Details

Powerful cleaning agent for eliminating moss and algae from outdoor surfaces

Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate will effectively remove moss and algae from roofs, tarmac, concrete, stone, block pavers and hard surfaced driveways. It is a strong moss & algae cleaning fluid for the removal of moss from external vertical and horizontal surfaces. This cleaning solution will attack and remove all problematic organic growth like moss, algae’s and green slime. Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate can be applied to any roof, driveway, patio or other external hard surface.

Spray on and leave the cleaner to eliminate the moss without agitation

Simply spray the product on and walk away, it could not be easier. This moss & algae remover has a non-acidic formula so it will not damage acid sensitive surfaces like limestone’s or concrete. It is highly effective at removing moss and algae, suitable for use as a general one step patio cleaner. Removing the need to regularly pressure wash green algae from your patio or pavers. For the removal of moss on roof tiles spray over the area and allow the solution to soak into the moss. This will kill the moss right down to the roots, it will also kill associated algae and lichens. Follow the same procedure for the removal of moss on tarmac driveways. You will notice the algae and moss begin to die over the next few days. For the best effect, it is important that the solution soaks right down into the roots of the moss. Older tarmac is usually quite heavily pitted and uneven, it is within the low spots on the tarmac where moss really takes hold. Saturate the surface so the solution is fully absorbed. Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate is a super strong professional grade moss remover. It is to be diluted with 1:5 with clean water, you do not need to apply this product neat. It can be applied at a dilution rate of 1:4 on heavily contaminated surfaces. 5 litres of moss and algae concentrate will produce 30 litres of cleaning fluid. This means you can cover a surface area of approximately 125m2 with a single 5 litre container! Floorseal Moss & Alage Remover Concentrate is one of the most economical and effective moss & algae removers on the market. Apply Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate using a low-pressure sprayer. Saturate the surface making sure not to exceed 5m2 per litre of diluted cleaning fluid. Please allow the product to dry on the surface to remove moss, algae, lichens, slime and fungi.

This cleaning fluid can be used as a general one step, no rinse patio cleaner. It can also be used as a quick periodic cleaning solution to treat surfaces which have been sealed with one of our sealers. Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate has a variety of uses from moss removal to general cleaning and black spot lichen prevention. Apply after treating with Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus for ongoing cleaning and prevention of black spot lichen.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at


  • 5 litres of concentrate diluted into 25 litres of water will cover approximately 125m2
  • Do not exceed the recommended coverage of 5m2 per litre of diluted solution.

Delivery Charges & Timescale



UK Mainland Standard Delivery (4-5 days) Free
Express Delivery (1-2 days) £2.95 inc VAT
Scottish Highlands & Islands £9.60 inc VAT
Isle of Man £24.00 inc VAT
Isle of Wight £2.40 inc VAT
Northern Ireland £9.60 inc VAT

Delivery Charges & Timescale

  1. Shipping is based on a free standard delivery service to UK mainland addresses of 4-5 days.
  2. An alternative paid express delivery service of 1-2 days to UK mainland addresses is available.
  3. Our couriers do not deliver on a Saturday or Sunday (or bank holidays) other than by special additional arrangement.
  4. For the Highlands and Islands (including Northern Ireland) our standard shipping time may be slower than 4-5 days and is not free.
  5. An express shipping option to the Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland is not available.
  6. Standard delivery is always free except to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland & other UK offshore Islands.
  7. We do not dispatch orders on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holidays.
  8. We do not offer guaranteed shipping timescales.
  9. We do not deliver to the channel Islands, or Scilly Isles.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate safe to use on tarmac?

Yes, totally safe to use on tarmac driveways, car parks and paths.

Can you use Floorseal Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate on roof tiles?

Yes you can use this product on roof tiles. This includes clay-based tiles, concrete, slate & cement-based roof tiles.

Do I need to pre-wet surfaces before using Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate?

No, it is designed to be sprayed onto dry surfaces and then left to soak in. No rinsing is required.

What sort of coverage should I expect from a 5L container?

Approximately 125m2 of coverage from a 5 litre container. This product is to be diluted 1:5 with clean water.

How long does this product take to work?

Once the surface has been treated algae and moss will die off over the next few days. A little like using a weed killer.

Can I use Moss & Algae Remover after sealing my patio with one of your products?

You can treat your patio after sealing with one of breathable sealers. It will inhibit the formation of moss, algae and black spot lichens.

After sealing, some of our customers use this product as a ‘quick clean’ method. Moss & Algae Remover Concentrate will rid patios of green algaes early or late on in the season, when the prevailing weather is cold and damp.


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