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Natural Stone Sealer Breathe

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Natural Stone Sealer Breathe is a breathable impregnating natural stone sealer. It is for sealing sandstone, slate, limestone and other porous surfaces. This product is fully breathable so allows water vapour transmission. This breathable stone sealer will dry to a matt finish, it does not alter the appearance of the surface that has been treated.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, full water vapour transmission so no trapped moisture or clouding issues.

No it soaks in and any excess wiped away – it looks totally natural as the product becomes meshed into the stone. It does not dry on the surface of the stone.

Yes, it can be used to seal old rubble filled walls or other surfaces.

No it will not, but our Interior Brick Sealer & Dustpoofer will seal and dustproof internal brickwork and masonry.

It can be used on internal or external surfaces.

Because some stone is more porous than others. Sandstone is very porous and can become even more porous when sand blasted. Always adapt to the conditions found on site.

Work from 4m2 per litre when applied in 2 consecutive applications (or coats).