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Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer Plus

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Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer Plus is suitable for sealing external natural stone patios, pavers & tiles. This includes sandstone, slate, limestone, travertine, clay based tiles & brickwork. This sealer deepens colours creating warmer earthy tones and highlights natural veining. It can also be used to seal internal porous natural stone & other tiled surfaces.

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Frequently asked questions

It is highly suited to seal natural stone patios as it will enhance veining and colour. It can be used on Indian sandstone, York sandstones or any surface which looks more attractive when surface colours are deepened.

On sandstone, a colour enriched almost matt finish, a little like dampening the stone but without the associated high shine.

Yes, the stone has to be perfectly dry and reamin so during the curing time.

They need to be as thin as possible – do not allow the product to pool at all. We recommend as thin a coat as possible. You will not use as much product on the 2nd application as the first.

Using a textured masonry-style roller is the easiest method. A brush can be used to cut in along the edges. A solvent resistant sprayer can be used on external surfaces. The product must not pool, do not over apply the product!

Around an hour (or less) in warm weather but the porosity of the surface can affect this.

Apply one coat but wait approximately 4 hours before applying the 2nd.

The product fully cures in approximately 24 hours.

Sealers can look different when dry and cured. Its worth testing any sealer in an inconspicuous area.

No, we do not recommend sealing wet rooms or bathrooms with this product. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email for advice.

Yes it is suitable for internal floors.

Yes we would recommend it. Always make sure the surface to be treated is dry before application and stays dry during curing. For general cleaning you can use Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner, it will remove dirt, grime & cement/grout hazes. It can also remove light contaminations of ‘brush in’ style compounds.

For removal of black spot lichens on external surfaces use Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus.

20m2 or more per 5 litre container when applied in 2 coats – you may well achieve a greater coverage rate than stated. We always provide the minimum figure we think you will achieve.