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Natural Stone Sealer Wet Look

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Natural Stone Sealer Wet Look is natural stone sealer which creates an attractive natural satin finish. Natural Stone Sealer Wet Look is suitable for sealing slate, sandstone, limestone and other porous natural stone. It can also be used to seal clay based materials like block pavers & brickwork.

Natural Stone Sealer Wet Look is suitable for use as a ‘wet look’ patio sealer to deepen surface colours this increasing interest in the stone. It can also be used to seal internal porous natural stone & other porous tiled surfaces.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is suitable for external or internal surfaces. But they must be dry and kept dry during curing. Be aware in low temperatures curing will be slower than in warmer conditions.


Yes it will bring out the colour and shade variation contained within the stone.

Around 20m2 per 5 litres when applied in 2 coats. You may achieve a higher coverage rate than this! We always state the minimum coverage rate you will achieve. Always apply in the as thin as possible coats to avoid ponding.

No, we do not recommend sealing wet rooms or bathrooms with this product.

Feel free to contact us via telephone or email for advice.

Yes it deepens colour to make the stone look more attractive. A little like dampening the stone but without the associated high shine.


No, usually they are interchangeable. The main thing to understand is that a particular form of sealer can create different finishes on different types of stone.

Feel free to contact us for advice.

Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner will remove dirt, grime & cement/grout hazes. It is a modern eco friendly non acidic cleaner suitable for internal and external surfaces. It can also remove light contaminations of brush in compounds.

For the removal of black spot lichens use Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus on external surfaces.

It can do if there is already some colour and variation present when its dry. No sealer can create interest in a plain grey sandstone flags when they are totally devoid of colour varaition when its dry.

All sealers which promote colour work on the basis of increasing what can already be seen. Nothing can totally replicate the effect of wetting a slab with water. If you are unsure send us some pictures to [email protected]

Yes it is critical to apply this product in dry weather with adequate curing time in dry weather. Do not apply the product if frost or rain is forcast.

2 thin coats, 4 hours apart. Do not apply in thick coats.