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Oil Remover For Driveways

Oil Remover for Driveways is a powerful biodegradable cleaning agent suitable for cleaning natural stone and block pavers. Oil Remover for Driveways is capable of dissolving ingrained dirt, oils and waxes.

Oil Remover for Driveways can also be used on patios and pavers for the removal of oil splashes from barbeques.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, but be aware that any deep cleaning product can leave a halo when oil is removed. The oil itself can also effect the natural oil and resins in tarmac.

Yes, it can be used for the removal of oil splashes on natural stone. You may wish to reseal the stone after using the product (if it was previously sealed)

Only if you have previously used a sealer on the stone, or the stone itself is relatively grimy.

Any halo that may be produced is because the cleaner removes general grime and dirt as well as oil. The cleaner requires dwell time which gives it plenty of time to remove deeply ingrained dirt.

We would recommend cleaning the entire surface after use to blend in any halos.