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Patio Black Spot Remover Plus

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Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is a very powerful cleaning agent which specifically targets and removes lichen black spot. This product is 5X stronger than normal patio cleaners & black spot removers. Excellent for cleaning Indian sandstones and Yorkshire sandstone flags. 5 star reviews on Trustpilot and Amazon on this product. Also available in an economical 20 litre deal – Free rapid delivery to mainland UK addresses.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, apply the product neat and allow to dwell for at least an hour – extend the dwell time if required. Repeat the process if required.

A build up that has taken 10 years to form will be more difficult to remove that a single years growth!

The black spot remover takes up to an hour to start to work. It can be less if the contamination is light.

Extend the dwell time if required – a severe infestation may require extended dwell times. You may wish to repeat the process.

Approximately 20m2 from a 5 litre container. The product can also be bought in an economic 2o litre bundle deal.

They are lichens and they are almost impossible to remove by jet washing.

Add more product so the surface is visibly wet.

Dwell time is very important – Extend the dwell time up to 4 hours, keep the product/surface wet and agitate periodically.

A single very long dwell time can be more effective than trying to repeat the process on multiple occasions with shorter dwell times.

You have not carried out a test patch! By using a test patch you have the information to remove the black spot.

  • You may have exceeded the coverage rate of no more than 20m2 per 5 litre container.
  • Keep the surface wet, the product is to be applied so the surface is visibly wet.
  • You will know when the product is working as black spot often starts to turn grey or white.
  • Dwell time is critical – extend up to 4 hours if required.
  • Do not let the product dry out.
  • Repeat the process for very heavy build ups.

All black spot removers, patio cleaners, moss & algae removers or weed killers have the potential to damage surrounding plants.

The way you apply a black spot remover is important in reducing any potential impact to surrounding plants – see below!

When wetting out the area to be treated also wet out the surrounding bedding pants and lawns. The product will be diluted if it mists over these areas and loses its strength.

The way a black spot is neutralised is by adding more water to dilute. It has no residual effect when dry. It is a contact product and will not continue to work when dry, it is not a biocide.