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Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is a very powerful black spot remover which specifically removes black spot lichen. This highly effective black spot remover is significantly stronger than normal patio cleaners & other black spot removers.

An excellent black spot remover for cleaning Indian sandstones, Yorkshire sandstone flags, block pavers and concrete. Many 5 star reviews on our website, Trustpilot & Amazon for this product!

Available in a 5 litre container, a X2 5 litre container deal and a very economical 20 litre container.

To read our blog article on how to remove black spot from sandstone patios & pavers, please Click Here.

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Directions of Use

  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Please wear old clothes or suitable overalls as the product can discolour organic fibres.
  • Always carry out a test patch to assess suitability and dwell time in an inconspicuous area.
  • If the product is not suitable do not continue to apply the product.
  • Lightly pre wet the area.
  • Apply the product neat.
  • Use the test patch to gauge dwell time required for your patio.
  • Do not overspray product onto adjacent lawns or plants.
  • If you think the product will encounter adjacent lawns and plant life pre-wet them with clean water.
  • Apply to the surface using a low-pressure sprayer, watering can or neat from the container.
  • Always keep the surface visibly wet by over spraying with more product.
  • Periodically agitate the area treated with a stiff brush.
  • Rinse away the product with a hose pipe.
  • After treatment pressure wash the area for best results.
  • Repeat if required and/or extend the dwell time for heavy contaminations.
  • Do not allow the product to travel into garden ponds containing fish or other aquatic life etc.
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife once dry.

Product Details

Powerful, targeted black spot elimination formula for patios and paving

Patio Black Spot Remover Plus for natural stone, block paver & concrete. Anyone who has tried to remove black spot lichen removal will know it can be very difficult to remove. Black Spot lichen does not respond to pressure washing alone as it is deeply ingrained. General patio cleaners need not apply here! Most cheap patio cleaners are just simply too weak to remove black spot lichen. They may have some effect but usually do not remove lichens.  By using our Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus it is a case of doing the job right with a full strength product! This black spot remover comes in 5 litres, a 10 litre deal and a larger economy 20 litre container with free delivery to UK mainland addresses. Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is applied neat using a low pressure sprayer, watering can or straight from the container. Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is highly effective at cleaning all garden stonework including walls, coping stones and natural stone patios. Apply it to pavers, slabs, block paving and driveways for effect. Simply rinse the area after treatment and pressure wash the surface for best results. We highly recommend our Patio Black Spot Remover Plus as the best product for black spot removal on the market.

Black spot removal solution works on all natural stone types

This is an excellent patio black lichen remover for all natural stone. It provides fantastic results on all difficult to remove organic marks and stains. It can be used on external tiles, concrete, block paving and brickwork. If your Indian sandstone patio is suffering from black spot contamination you may have tried to pressure wash with little or no effect. Our black spot remover will remove black spot from both Indian sandstone and also Yorkshire sandstone flags. Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is a fantastic professional strength cleaning product. Apply the product neat then leave it to dwell and work its magic! Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is to be applied neat with a dwell time, the dwell time can be specifically determined by carrying out a test patch. Typically, this will be no less than an hour and you can always extend dwell times or repeat for severe infestations. Black spot removal is always possible but you must follow the instructions! Carrying out a small test patch will provide a timing which is to be repeated when treating the rest of the area. Once you have removed black spot lichens you can prevent its return by using Floorseal Black Spot Preventer Plus. You can read our blog about how to remove black spot lichens from your patio, please Click Here

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at


  • 5 litres of product will cover approximately 20m2 – 25m2 in a single application.

Delivery Charges & Timescale



UK Mainland Standard Delivery (4-5 days) Free
Express Delivery (1-2 days) £2.95 inc VAT
Scottish Highlands & Islands £9.60 inc VAT
Isle of Man £24.00 inc VAT
Isle of Wight £2.40 inc VAT
Northern Ireland £9.60 inc VAT

Delivery Charges & Timescale

  1. Shipping is based on a free standard delivery service to UK mainland addresses of 4-5 days.
  2. An alternative paid express delivery service of 1-2 days to UK mainland addresses is available.
  3. Our couriers do not deliver on a Saturday or Sunday (or bank holidays) other than by special additional arrangement.
  4. For the Highlands and Islands (including Northern Ireland) our standard shipping time may be slower than 4-5 days and is not free.
  5. An express shipping option to the Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland is not available.
  6. Standard delivery is always free except to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland & other UK offshore Islands.
  7. We do not dispatch orders on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holidays.
  8. We do not offer guaranteed shipping timescales.
  9. We do not deliver to the channel Islands, or Scilly Isles.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Blog articles & how to guides

For the latest blog articles and information for best user practice, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove black spot from Indian sandstone?

Apply the product neat and allow to dwell for at least an hour – extend the dwell time if required. Repeat the process if required.

A build up that has taken 10 years to form will be more difficult to remove that a single years growth!

Please read our blog article about removing black spot from sandstone patios click here.

How long does the product take to work?

The black spot remover may take an hour to work. It could be less if the contamination is light.

Extend the dwell time if required – a severe infestation may mean extending the dwell time to beyond an hour.

What sort of coverage should I expect?

Approximately 20m2 from a 5 litre container. The product can also be bought in a larger economic 20 litre container which can cover up to 80m2.

What are the black spots on my sandstone patio?

They are incredibly stubborn lichens, they are impossible to remove by jet washing.

How do I keep the Patio Black Spot Remover Plus wet whilst it works?

Add more product so the surface is visibly wet, do not allow the product to dry on the surface. Agitate with a brush to move the solution over the high areas of the stone. This will also to stop the fluid from simply sitting in the low areas of the paving.

How crucial is dwell time?

Dwell time is very important – Extend the dwell if the contamination is really severe, keep the product/surface wet and agitate periodically.

A single long dwell time is more effective than repeating the process on multiple occasions with shorter dwell times.

I cannot remove my black spot, what have I done wrong?

You have not carried out a test patch! By using a test patch you have the information to remove the black spot.

  • You may have exceeded the coverage rate of no more than 20m2 per 5 litre container.
  • Keep the surface wet, the product is to be applied so the surface is visibly wet.
  • You will know when the product is working as black spot often starts to turn grey or white.
  • Dwell time is critical – extend up to 4 hours if required.
  • Do not let the product dry out.
  • Repeat the process for very heavy build ups.
Is Patio Black Spot Remover Plus harmful to bedding plants/shrubs or lawns?

When wetting out the area to be treated you should also wet out the surrounding bedding plants and lawns. The product will be diluted if it encounters these areas and loses its strength.

The way to neutralise black spot remover is to add lots of clean water to dilute it. The product has no residual effect when dry. It is a contact product and will not continue to work once dry.

Do you have further information on how to use your product?

Yes, click the link below to have a look at a blog article about the removal of black spot – and feel free to contact us directly.

Removing black spot lichens from patios & pavers.

I also wish to seal my sandstone after cleaning, which of your sealers would you recommend?

Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifier is a breathable, natural, & matt finish sealer which slightly enhances colour. This product is ideal for any colourful sandstone like mint fossil, raj green, rainbow sandstone or yorkshire sandstone flags.


Natural Stone Sealer Breathe this sealer also retains a natural matt finish but does not alter the colour of the stone in any way. This product is ideal for plain grey sandstones like Kandla Grey.

27 reviews for Patio Black Spot Remover Plus

  1. Sandra Boynton

    20 year old large Indian sandstone terrace looks like new! Product was recommended and I am glad to say we hadn’t purchased other products only to find they hadn’t worked, which would have put us off buying Floorseal’s product. I have some great before and after pix if you are interested in having them. We have bought the preserver so will review that later.

  2. Christopher Hanwell

    Excellent product. Removed black spot lichen from my block paving with a dwell time of 30 mins and from my off white Praal M render in 2 hours.

  3. David Ward

    Absolutely superb. I put a review on trust Pilot too, just stunned at how good this is. Follow simple instructions and wait to be amazed

  4. Geoff Twiss

    Brilliant product and service! I ordered it on Wednesday morning – the standard delivery arrived at Thursday lunchtime – and the blackspot had all gone that same afternoon!
    I had jet-washed the patio a couple of days earlier (which had only served to highlight the blackspot!) and wetted it thoroughly before applying the Remover using a back-pack sprayer. Our Indian sandstone patio is six years old and measures 90 sq.m. – I applied the Remover liberally all over the patio and used just over half of a 20 litre drum. I left it for a full hour to do its stuff, then jet-washed the patio again.
    It has transformed the patio, returning it to its original condition – this is definitely the stuff to use, and it really WORKS!!

  5. iain Schofield

    The best black spot remover !!
    I used Black spot remover on my Indian sand stone with excellent results. Definitely does what it says very well and will used again when / if required. I did note that i got best results when using on a none windy and none sunny day. The coverage a got was a lot more than quoted so that was great and i did constantly ensure the surface remained wet by applying more when required. So i didn’t skimp on using the product at all! So just great stuff 🙂 Have already recommenced to several friends.
    I have now just purchased the Sealer and will leave a review in the next few weeks.

  6. Amy Russell

    Amazing results! A must buy if you have black spot! This product came recommended by a friend, and the results have surpassed expectations. My Yorkshire stone patio was covered in black mould, with the patio colour shades of black and grey. Within a few hours, you would think it was a new patio – amazed by the results, it looks fantastic and is totally transformed!! The product covered the area quoted (20-25m) and I’ve just purchased the Natural Stone sealer, so I can ensure the black spot stays away!

  7. Jill Harris

    Delighted with my ‘new’ patio! I can’t believe how well this product worked! I used it on both my patio and garden wall and both have come up like new!

    The patio was laid and wall built around 14 years ago and over time the wall had become blackened and patio had black spots. One use of this and completely disappeared, I could actually see it disappearing in front of my eyes! Some parts were completely clear within half an hour, others took slightly longer. Quick wash down with the power washer (more a rinse/wash off than an actual clean) and all done.

    Excellent service too, fast delivery and questions I had answered promptly.

    Thank you

  8. Gary Mason

    I have used this product today after many years of trying others. I have to say that this stuff is amazing, my sandstone patio looks better than when it was first laid.
    All the the black spots and lichen has completely gone, cannot recommend enough!

  9. Lawrence Vosper

    There are so many patio cleaners on the market that it was hard to make a choice but I was delighted – and astonished – at how effective this was on both Indian sandstone and concrete slabs. I had power hosed the patio several times over the years but there were lots of black spots as well as a sort of grime. I simply watered it on (Tip: a fine rose is much more economical) and left it for a couple of hours (not very scientifically – they just looked clean by then). I then hosed it off with a power washer set on a wide spray i.e. not a power wash as such. The sandstone came up like new – really good; the concrete slabs were very good but could have done with a little longer. I’ll know next time. Generally, a first class experience. The ultimate test – my wife is very pleased too!

  10. Pat Flynn

    After using some very cheap and some very expensive patio cleaners the black spots were still there. I though I would try Black Spot Remover Plus after reading some encouraging reviews. I have not been disappointed, the blacks spots I have been scrubbing with a pressure washer for 3 weeks with a scrubbing attachment have gone great. I used a garden spray to apply and left for around 2 hours then scrubbed/hosed it off, slabs look like new. This is a potent chemical be sure to wear full PPE gloves goggles wellies. Now to buy another can!!!

  11. Ben Broome

    WOW!! This product is amazing! My patio is circa 20 years old and was ridden with lichen. I’d had a professional cleaning company come and jet wash it, they tried some chemicals to no avail. I was worried about the £80 outlay but was comforted by the reviews on this website and the photos on Amazon. The response to a query from the company was very quick too. Overall incredibly impressed and I would recommend anyone to use this product!! It looks brand new again!!! 5*****

  12. Craig

    Brilliant stuff – patio looks really good again

  13. Les

    Blackspot what blackspot absolutely brilliant.My 3yr patio looks like it was just laid.Instructions were (excuse the pun) spot on.Graham was really helpful.I cannot praise this product enough.

  14. Barbara

    27 Aug 2019. Have tried other cleaners for my block pavers and concrete paving slaps with very little effect, so wasn’t expecting very much but WOW! The block paving path was not just dirty but full of black spot and it came up like brand new…all clean and sparkly! The concrete slabbed patio was 40+ years ex council pavement slabs….with lichen, paint spots, moss and really black in places. Pressure washer took some off, but this cleaner has made it look cleaner than it’s ever been, and uniform in colour!

    I’m SO pleased and can’t thank Graeme for all his help and advice too. Totally recommend Floorseal products

  15. Scott Robson

    My Indian sandstone patio was laid about 5-6 years ago, and it has had a number of pressure washes during that time, but it was looking dull and dirty and full of black spot, which pressure washing alone doesn’t shift. I found Floorseal and thought I’d give it a go.

    For a start, Graeme at Floorseal was super helpful with what I needed in terms of products and what quantity I should buy, and he was full of help and advice on the application of the products too. And the products are delivered by Fedex next day when purchased direct from Floorseal.

    I started off with the Black Spot Remover, which is truly an amazing product. The instruction on the pack and the website are really good, but I also spoke to Graeme at Floorseal, who talked me through what to expect, which prepared me really well (I’m no pro at this sort of stuff, by any means!).

    I used a low pressure sprayer to apply (bought on Amazon for about £10), which was super easy to use. I bought the 25L quantity for about 50 sq m of patio and had about 4L left when finished. I’m know I could’ve used less product, but as this was the first time I’ve used it, I aired on the side of caution and applied more than I needed to make sure of the coverage. Also, the 25L option is cheaper than 3x 5L tubs, so it was a no brainer for me to go for the 25L option.

    The basic process was to moisten the patio, then liberally apply the Black Spot Remover. You can see it starting to work immediately, but Graeme at Floorseal was very specific to ensure a decent “dwell” time, i.e. how long the product is kept on the patio. It is important to keep the patio moist during this time, by either topping up with more product or spraying lightly with water. I chose to apply more product to keep the patio moist, which is probably why I went through so much product, but I don’t regret that at all, as the results are phenomenal.

    After the product has “dwelled” for about 60 mins, I washed it off with a hose and then followed up with a pressure wash. The results were unbelievable, with all black spot gone!

    I followed up with the Indian Sandstone Sealer & Colour Intensifer treatment which is a fantastic product too, which I have also reviewed.

    I’m so happy with the finish and it’s brought my 5-6 year old patio back to life. I can’t recommend Floorseal’s products and company more. Thank you Floorseal.

  16. Mrs Daines

    WOW.. This product is simply amazing. If I could give 6 stars out of 5 I would. My patio looks like the day it was laid.

    I was so keen to use I forgot to wet the surface first, but I could see instantly the lichens disappear.

    Amazing product. I only bought 5 litres which was a little shy of what I needed but you can see how dramatically different the untreated slabs are. I’ll be ordering more.

  17. June

    So pleased with this product. Read the other reviews and was encouraged and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s taken away all the black spot and brought the patio back to life. Going to use the sealer and colour intensifier as well to finish the job properly

  18. Adrian Walter

    Like everyone else I found this product to be really effective at removing black spots from my Indian sandstone. Sadly I spent 30% more for 25% less of a competitive product before I tried this, and when I did I wasn’t confident enough to order 25litres so I’m going to have to buy some more!
    One thing to note is that the instructions are correct when they say not to apply it too sparingly. We had to do a second application in some areas where it was obviously sprayed on too thinly. The other thing is, don’t wear anything you want to keep, unless you want that 60’s tie-dyed look afterwards!

  19. Dean

    Bought some floor seal black dot remover what a product just received another order for my second patio as I was a little sceptical so only ordered 5 ltr if your after your patio to look like the day it was laid this is the product and on top of this the service is first class got some patio sealer as well not used yet if it’s as good as the remover happy days

  20. Peter murphy

    My review is the same as everyone else’s. Needed the 25l size for the amount of stone I had and could not believe the results. I had used a pressure spray every couple of years but was never happy with the outcome. They now look exactly how they did when I laud them in 2003. Thank you.

  21. David Woodward

    Rang the number and talked to someone about my black dots and lack of colour on my Indian sandstones great help did what he told me to do what a result and transformation so pleased with this product it’s looks like it did 4 years ago all the black dots have gone and the colours looks amazing used a high power jet wash at the end 10 out of 10????ps got the grandson to fine mist it when it was getting dry for 1 hour when I was drinking wine in the sunshine ???? 5 litres =18×10 foot patio area out of a watering can

  22. graeme

    Thank-you for such a positive review and taking the time out to write it.

  23. Paul Derbyshire

    First of all, let me thank-you for the excellent service. Ordered on Sunday night (in effect, Monday morning); received the order at 9.30 on Tuesday morning. I made a phone call query about the product, and was given a very comprehensive and helpful answer. Thank-you once again.
    The product has now been used and is excellent. The vast majority of black spot was removed with the first application. A few stubborn spots went with the second “spot” applicaion. Overall an excellent product.

  24. graeme

    Thank-you for a great review it is appreciated.

  25. Olivia Heywood

    Unbelievably good. I have never had a sandstone terrace before and did not know what to do about the black marks that had appeared. Scrubbing and pressure washer did not shift them but this amazing product cleared them all up in under one hour – so quick and easy to use and brilliant results. I am so grateful and want everyone who has the same issue to know about it!

  26. graeme

    Thanks for the review and the time taken to send one.

  27. graeme

    Thank-you for such a positive review!

  28. graeme

    Thank-you for such a great review – it is appreciated, glad you liked the product.

  29. Tony E

    My review is almost identical to that of Steven H. Our terrace has been down around twenty years and due to the blackspot on the sandstone slabs and surrounding wall we were thinking about a complete overhaul. Decided that it was worth the £120 to see if the chemical would make a difference. Delivery came the next day after ordering. Absolutely incredible results. Wall is back to the original bathstone colour and Indian sandstone paving stones are blackspot free. Have some great before/after photos which we’ve been sending out to all our family. Can recommend 100%. Many thanks.

  30. Dilys Grindley

    We used this product this morning on our patio,the results were amazing.Flags returned to their original colour.
    Very pleased.Next day delivery great.

  31. Susan Reeve

    Haven’t used the item yet but if it’s as good as their customer service then I’ll be very pleased. Helpful staff and quick free delivery.

  32. Steven H

    Totally transformed my Twenty year old Patio. I thought I would have one last try to remove the black spots before giving up and replacing the paving completely but thanks to this product My Patio looks great and it has saved me a fortune not having to buy a new one. Well worth the money because cheaper products simply didn’t work.

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