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Porcelain Tile Sealer For Patios

Porcelain Tile Sealer For Patios produces deeper colours with a shine for glazed & unglazed porcelain tiles. It is a thin coating which resists abrasion and protects both the tile & grout. This porcelain tile sealer is to be aplied in one thin even coat. Suitable for sealing exterior porcelains, it can also be used on interior tiles.

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Frequently asked questions

This product will produce a sheen from satin to gloss depending on the porosity of the surface it is applied to. It will also deepen the colour of the tile. This will be more obvious on darker coloured tiles.

Yes, it can be used on both internal and external surfaces.

It is low odour as it is water based.

This sealer can deepen surface colours it will be most noticeable on the darker colour tiles. This porcelain tile sealer will also create a shine on the surface.

You should use Floorseal Tile Sealer & Impregnator. This product can only be used on unglazed porcelain tiles. Please check what sort of tile you have before applying.