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Rust Remover For Stone


Rust Remover for Stone – 1 litre

Rust Remover For Stone is an easy-to-use powerful rust remover for natural stone, concrete, clay-based tiles, porcelain tiles and bricks. It can be applied to sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, concretes or other porous surfaces.

This rust removing solution can be applied to patios, pavers, slabs and internal surfaces. Perfect for external patios such as modern porcelains.

Suitable for use for removing rust, general ferrous staining, iron rich grass fertiliser stains, rusts stains on render & rust stains on porcelain. Will remove rust stains on natural stone such as sandstone, slate or granite. Can be used to remove general iron staining or natural iron oxidation/rusting seen in certain sandstones. This product can also be effective on tannin marks left by leaf staining on patios.

Rust Remover for Stone is incredibly easy to use, apply neat to a dry surface, agitate and rinse away within a few minutes. Keep the product wet during the dwell time (use more product). Some iron stains may disappear within a few minutes. Do not dilute with water. Please note you may need to repeat the process on severe staining. Test before use.

Available in a 1 litre container with free economy shipping and express delivery shipping options.

To see our handy guide for removing rust on patios, pavers & tiles please click here.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

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  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Carry out a test in an inconspicuous area.
  • If you find this product is not suitable for use on your project, do not continue to use.
  • Scrape away any obvious lumps of rust or ferrous materials before applying the product.
  • Ensure the surface is dry prior to the application of this product.
  • Apply a generous amount of product to the affected area.
  • Keep the surface wet with product, periodically agitate with a stiff brush.
  • Less severe marking will be removed within a few minutes of dwell time.
  • Adapt the dwell time to fit the contamination encountered.
  • The product will turn purple when in contact with rust.
  • Rinse away with clean water.
  • For very heavy staining repeat the process (the solution may run out of energy before all the ferrous material has been removed).
  • Repeat as required.
  • Do not allow the product to dry on the surface at any time.
  • Do not dilute or mix with other cleaning agents.
  • Please note some surfaces can change colour after application such as pale limestone and coloured concretes.

The easy way to remove rust from stone floors, tiles & porcelain

Rust Remover For Stone is powerful rust remover, suitable for use on all natural stone such as sandstone pavers, granite, limestone and travertine. This product is also suitable for use on clay-based materials such as Quarry tile, bricks, terracotta, Victorian geometric & encaustic tiles & plain Victorian Quarry tiles. Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone is suitable for use on interior or exterior porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles & concrete or screed floors. The product can also be used to remove lawn fertiliser staining, compost staining on pavers & tannin marks from leaves.

Rapid acting rust removal formula

Rust Remover For Stone is the perfect solution for removing rust without using tradional agressive cleaning solutions . This product can be applied directly onto the affected surface and left to dwell for a maximum of 10 minutes (test before use some surfaces will only require a few seconds/minutes of dwell time). The product must be kept wet with the solution during the dwell time. Rust remover for Stone changes colour as it reacts with rust staining & other iron-rich stains. Agitate the solution with a medium stiff brush during the dwell time. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface, rinse away with clean water. For heavy staining please repeat the process.

1 litre of product will cover up to a maximum of 8m2.



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For the latest guides and information on best user practices, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this product on marble?

    Yes, but always carry out a small test area first.

  • Can I use your Rust Remover for Stone on sandstone pavers?

    Yes, it is suitable for sandstone pavers. Always test first, some sandstones have a particularly high natural iron content.

  • Will this product remove rust staining from the feet of metal patio furniture?

    Yes, scrape away any obvious lumps from the surface first. Really deeply embedded rust staining may need treating more than once.

  • Can I use Rust Remover for Stone on limestone pavers and tiles?

    Rust Remover for Stone is safe to use on limestone, always carry out a small test first.

  • Can I use Rust Remover For Stone on slate?

    Yes, the product is suitable for slate but always carry out a test first.

  • Is this product suitable for exterior use?

    Yes, it is perfect for patios, driveways, tiles & block pavers.

  • Can I use Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone on porcelain tiles?

    Yes, this product is suitable for use on interior or exterior porcelain.

  • Will Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone remove grass fertiliser staining or leaf staining on my patio

    Yes, if the mark is iron-based such as grass fertiliser, some compost marks or tannin marks from leaves. Always test first, some marks have penetrated the surface so are locked deeply into the material.

  • Can I use Floorseal Rust Remover for Stone on other surfaces like render?

    Yes, this product can be used on any iron staining or iron rich marks & blemishes on render, patios, paths driveways etc.

  • What happens if some slight discolouration is present after use on a render?

    Some slight discolouration can happen on very pale renders, this normally disappears over due to the effects of UV light. This product should not be used on coloured concrete though.

  • Are there any surfaces I should not use this product on?

    You should always test before use but you should not use on coloured concretes or coloured renders.

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