5 Litre

Sealer Residue Remover

Sealer Residue Remover is for the removal of light contaminations of brush in compound, it is a powerful stone cleaner. This intensive cleaner will also remove the unwanted excess left by impregnating sealants. Floorseal Sealer Residue Remover will clean the surface of ingrained dirt,  grime & oil deposits. This stone & porcelain cleaner has a non acidic formula so can be used on acid sensitive surfaces. We recommend using this product before sealing particularly if you have used a brush in compound.

5 Litre

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this product is a non-acidic cleaner so safe to use on acid sensitive surfaces like limestone and marble.

No you should not need to unless its a top coat sealer.

Yes, it is safe to use on sandstones, porcelains and other natural stone such as granite or slate.

It will remove very light contaminations of grout & cement hazing. It will not remove thicker contaminations or layers of cement or grout haze.

If you wish to remove cement based grouts etc use Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover but only use this product on acid resistant surfaces.

It is for the removal of the invisible resinous slick around the joint. It is this non porous contamination/coating which should be removed before sealing the surface.

This product does not remove heavy obvious concentrations of compound. It is for this reason it is safe to use on and around the actual joint.

No it constructed from a non acidic formula.