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Sealer Stripper & Moisture Remover

Sealer Stripper & Moisture Remover is a solvent-based acrylic sealer remover. It can also be used to release moisture contamination from solvent-based acrylic sealers. This product can be used to remove acrylic coatings from concrete, natural stone, block pavers and clay-based tiles.

It will remove old coatings of solvent-based acrylics revealing the original surface beneath. You will probably need to agitate the product and apply additional coats of the product to remove thicker layers of acrylic.

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Frequently asked questions

It varies depending on how thick the sealer is – we suggest a coverage rate of around 1 litre per 1 m2. 1 coat of sealer is easier to remove than 3 coats of sealer!

It can be difficult unless they have been applied in thin coats. The most difficult situation is when additional coats of sealer are applied every year over many years.

It depends on how thick the sealer is! We also find it easier to strip acrylics in multiple applications rather than one big attempt. We believe you are actually quicker by tackling a stripping process this way.

Another method is just to take on small sections rather than one single large area in one go.

It is often because the surface has been cleaned without adequate drying time. It could also be because someone has tried to seal in damp cold conditions.

No, it is not designed to remove impregnators or penetrating sealers.

No, we would not recommend it.

No, we do not recommend it.

No, it will not.

Yes, you can use it to remove solvent based acrylic coatings from concrete.