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Slate Sealer Colour Plus

Slate Sealer Colour Plus is for sealing and colour enhancing slate tiles, patios, pavers and slabs. Slate Sealer Colour Plus seals and enhances the surface of slate producing a deeper & richer colour with a satin finish. A little like dampening the surface to enhance natural colours and tones, sometimes known as a wet look finish but without a high shine.  Suitable for sealing external and internal slate surfaces.


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Frequently asked questions

No, it is a clear liquid that penetrates the surface and deepens colour.

No, this product both seals and enhances the surface.

It soaks into the slate to deepen the colour and inhibit water and oil staining. A little like oiling wood to increase interest whilst retaining a natural but enhanced appearance.

It will dry leaving a deeper colour with a satin finish.

Some brush in compounds can weather off over time – seek advice from the manufacturer. Careful pressure washing can work. Do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the slate.

The issue with brush in compounds is that they are non porous. No sealer can penetrate the surface of the slate whilst they remain.

They need removing before any attempt to seal is made, regardless of the type or brand of sealer being used.

Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner will remove light contaminations of brush in compounds. It will also remove dirt, grime and cement/grout haze residues.

Soaking with water with long dwell times can help. If it is just a residue careful pressure washing may work. Do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the slate.

Slate is a non acid sensitive stone so an acid wash can be used to remove cement. You could use Floorseal Cement & Grout Haze Remover Adjust the dilution rate to suit the level of residue on site.

As a more eco friendly alternative to an acid you could use a non acidic substitue. Floorseal Stone Floor Cleaner will remove dirt grime & cement/grout haze resisdues and is non acidic.

A textured masonry style roller is the best method for sealing slate pavers.

A brush can be used to cut in around the edges.

Apply in 2 thin coats 4 hours apart.


The product will dry in around an hour (or less). Apply another coat approximately 4 hours later. Slate Sealer Colour Plus fully cures in approximately 24 hours.

Do not allow the product to become wet during this time – due to rain, frost or dew. Do not apply in low temperatures as the product will not be able to cure or it will cure very slowly. Please read the Technical Data Sheets.

Yes it will deepen colour so will create a wet look finish but without a high shine. It does not totally replicate the effect of wetting slate with water – no product is capable of doing this in exactly the same way.

It is critical that the slate and substrate is dry and the conditions remain dry during curing.

We would recommend waiting until the substrates has had chance to dry out. It is not always the case that the slate will display efflorescence after laying but it is always possible. Its worth allowing a window of time for this to occur – 6 weeks is often enough.