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Stone Floor Cleaner

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Stone Floor Cleaner is a professional intensive stone floor cleaner for the removal of heavy soiling. Stone Floor Cleaner can be used on any natural stone like sandstone, slate, limestone and marble. It is also suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain and concretes.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this product is a non-acidic cleaner so safe to use on acid sensitive surfaces like limestone and marble.

Yes, unless you use the product in a very dilute form – like 1:10. If you require a power cleaner like Stone Floor Cleaner it is probably now time to seal your stone again anyway.

Yes, it dissolves general grime, grease and oil.

It will remove light contaminations of grout & cement hazing. It will not remove thick lumps of cement or grout.

It will remove light contaminations only. Some compounds will weather off over time or be removed by jet washing (with care)

Yes, it is a non acidic water based product.