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Stone Pro


Stone Pro – 5 litre, complete with hand sprayer!

Stone Pro is a cleaning solution suitable for cleaning natural stone headstones, stone mullions, garden ornaments and statues. This product is for the removal of lichens, algae, mould, leaf staining & bird droppings. It comes in a 5 litre container which is to be diluted 1:1 with water (one part product to one part water). Use the small hand sprayer provided to clean gravestones, small ornaments, statues and interior stone mullions.

Suitable for use on sandstone, limestone, concrete, marble, granite, slate, terracotta, bricks, porcelain & more.

To read our guide to cleaning headstones, monuments, statues with Stone Pro please click here.

Or for our guide when using Stone Pro on interior surfaces such as stone mullions suffering from mould click here.

Available in 5 litre container (complete with a hand sprayer) – free economy delivery & express shipping options available.

Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

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  • Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for full instructions.
  • Wear appropriate PPE, safety goggles & gloves. We advise wearing suitable overalls or old clothing as this product can discolour natural fibres.
  • Carry out a test in an inconspicuous area.
  • If you find this product is not suitable for use on your project do not continue to use.
  • This product is typically applied diluted 1:1 with clean water using the sprayer provided.
  • Saturate the surface once using the sprayer provided, then immediately overspray again.
  • Once both applications are made the contaminations will start to disappear.
  • For interior use or mild contaminations, the product can be allowed to dry on the surface.
  • Mould & algae’s will quickly start to disappear, black spot lichens may take a little longer & may require more than one application.
  • The longer this product is kept wet on the surface the better it works!
  • On exterior surfaces rinse off with clean water after use.
  • *Avoid contact with surrounding unaffected surfaces such as metals – please read the technical data sheet.
  • Safe for children, pets & wildlife once dry once dry.
  • Avoid contact with grass/plants or encounter fish or other aquatic life.

Rapid removal of lichens, mould & algae from headstones & mullions

Stone Pro is for the removal of organic contaminations from headstones, ornaments & stone mullions. This product is an effective cleaning solution for the removal of organic marks and staining, such as lichen, mould, algae and bird droppings. Stone Pro is a concentrated solution which is to be diluted 1:1 with water, use the hand sprayer provided to apply the product. Stone Pro is perfect for removing organic growth from headstones or other exterior stone. This includes garden ornaments, monuments, statues & other surfaces. Suitable surfaces are sandstone, granite, basalt, slate, bathstone, blue lias, marble, limestone, bricks, terracotta, concrete & more. Stone Pro removes the sort of organic growth which builds up in cold damp conditions. Typically, this is green algae, moulds & lichens. Stone Pro will remove all of these contaminations including black/white lichens, bird droppings and leaf staining. Apply Stone Pro to matt-honed natural stone like sandstone to remove all organic contaminations. This product will be successful on older stone which can be heavily contaminated with bright green algae and black lichen. Do you have trouble with black mould on interior stone mullions? Apply Stone Pro to interior stone mullions which suffer from the build-up of black mould. This product will easily remove moulds from the surface of natural stone. But also associated surfaces such as brick, plaster, cement & lime. Available in a 5 litre container (which comes with a hand sprayer) with free economy delivery & express shipping options. Please read the full instructions & related information contained within the Technical Data Sheet. If you require help choosing a sealer or cleaning product please feel free to contact us on (01484) 861461. You can email us at

Dependant on the level of contamination, surface type & porosity of the surface.



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Delivery Charges & Timescale

  1. Shipping is based on a free standard delivery service to UK mainland addresses of 4 working days.
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  6. Express/Saturday shipping options to the Highlands & Islands & Northern Ireland is not available.
  7. Standard delivery is free except to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Orkneys, Shetlands & other UK offshore Islands.
  8. We do not dispatch orders on a Saturday or Sunday or bank holidays.
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  11. Any query over failed/missing deliveries must be made within 21 days of delivery date. Courier companies will not initiate investigations after this time.
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For the latest guides and information on best user practices, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this product suitable for sandstone headstones?

    Yes, Stone Pro is suitable for sandstone and other surfaces such as limestone, granite, slate & limestone.

  • How long does the product take to work?

    Not long when applied to green algae and general mould – only a few minutes. If you have black lichens on exterior surfaces you may wish to apply the product a number of times. The longer the product is kept wet on the surface the better it works!

    For interior surfaces like stone mullions this product will only take a few minutes to remove black mould.

  • What sort of coverage should I expect from Stone Pro?

    The coverage is variable, but as a general idea if the full container was diluted 1:1 with water it would cover up to 40m2.

  • What is the black spotting on my stone mullions?

    On interior surfaces black marks, spots and hazing will be a mould, it is relatively easy to remove with Stone Pro.

  • How do I keep Stone Pro wet whilst it works?

    Keep lightly misting the product over the surface, so the surface is visibly wet.

  • How crucial is dwell time?

    Dwell time is important! – Extend the dwell if the contamination is really severe, keep the product/surface wet and agitate periodically. Dwell time is simply the amount of time the product is kept wet on the contaminated surface.

  • Can I use this product on polished reflective headstone, like granite?

    Yes, Stone Pro is suitable for use on polished granite, often a light overspray is sufficient on polished stone. Rinse after use.

  • How to I protect inlaid metals like lead or gold leaf script?

    You can apply a thin layer of vaseline to protect the metal script on headstones whilst cleaning the stone.

  • Do you have further information on how to use your product?

    Yes, there is a Technical Data Sheet located on the product page with further information. Look for the tabs as you scroll down the page.

  • I also wish to seal my sandstone after cleaning, which of your sealers would you recommend?

    Floorseal Premium Impregnating Sealer is suitable for matt honed stone. This type of sealer will retain the appearance of the stone.

    It is worth giving us a ring or sending us an email if you wish to seal. The more information we have on the type of surface you wish to seal, the easier it is to assist you.

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