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Terracotta & Quarry Tile Sealer

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Terracotta & Quarry Tile Sealer has been designed to seal internal terracotta or quarry tiled floors. It is easy to apply and will create an attractive satin finish to any floor. Terracotta & Quarry Tile Sealer slightly deepens colour to highlight and enhance the earthy tones contained within clay-based tiles.

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Frequently asked questions

It builds to a satin finish.

It can be touch dry within an hour but do not apply a 2nd coat for around 4 hours.

The drying rate will be effected by local conditions and general air temperature.

We recommend a textured masonry style roller ( a fluffy emulsion style roller will usually suffice). You can cut in along the edges with a brush. Avoid ponding by working in thin coats.

The product is a thin watery liquid and does not contain pigment.

Its a little bit like oiling wood, when you apply a particular kind of sealing agent it deepens the colour.

A satin more natural finish, it does not produce an unnatural gloss finish.